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Dear employees, your employer is not a daycare facility.

I write this not to put down employees, but to give insight, whilst a company is very quickly moving in a backwards direction - and I’m sitting here thinking ‘What is anyone actually doing in their paid role?’

An update... six hours later, four people lost their jobs today, and more to come, if people, and organisations don't up their A Game. Lucky we've got our investment to help them in the meantime.

You see, we build businesses, so they can change the world, pay it forward, and employ people who need jobs, and we do that very well with our strategy. But, the struggle is real, a business takes effort, and employees, there is no such thing as a permanent job anymore - and for good reason.

FairWork is there to protect the workers, but who is protecting the employers, when the employee treats their workplace as a daycare centre, and doesn’t take responsibility for themselves, and their role in making the organisation successful?

This also applies for the Director, who is employed and exist because of the company, which is an authority in it’s own right. Because here’s the fact - unless you work, as an individual, the business won’t, and then you’ll be out of work. Simple as that.

I’m a big believer in pay for performance, because no one will admit they sit there doing nothing in their job, but when you flip the coin, and say you won’t get paid unless you work and produce the result, all hell breaks loose, and what does that prove?

Time is money. Being productive means action to achieve a goal, which of course, if you’re working well, that result will show, but not if you're dancing in the same spot the entire time - and expecting to get paid for it.


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