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Vivian's story

Vivian came to us after a disastrous business deal went wrong, leaving her in a lot of financial stress, and a very dark outlook on life.

She is a mother, and a wife, and life is important.

She was recommended by another lady helped by ULTIS, and as usual, Vivian thought the ULTIS vision was too good to be true, but a quick video meeting with our founder Suzannah Dacre quickly resolved that.

Vivian joined our investment, the first step of our process, and the same day, she was smiling - because it was well and truly real.

After step one was commenced, we walked Vivian through our process of step two, strategy, for business. She had a dream to own her own business, and we brought that dream to life. If Vivian wanted a new job, we could have helped with that too.

We worked with Vivian to find out her goals and aspirations, but also her challenges, and after a few weeks of endless days on our side, her dream, ICAN concierge, was born.

Vivian is now a business owner with full support from ULTIS, and a smart investor.

You can read more about our impact with ICAN concierge on our business page.

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