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Suzannah Dacre, founder of ULTISpro

Is a very high-in-demand c-suite strategic professional, in business, investment, property, and life. She has been award recognised through her startups, for unparalleled results, and benefits to community, on a local, state and national level.


In investment.

Suzannah leads what is known as one of the world’s most powerful investments, delivering 1000 units per year, whilst delivering strategies to further advance traditional investments, and growing funds based on her success in business and investment to help vulnerable people. As the founding analyst, Suzannah's time is valuable, as whilst she helps people and buinesses succeed, those clients also love the investment.

In property.

She develops strategies for property investors that see a $265,000 purchase returning $750 per week, and doubling it's value in 12 months. In fact, she collects property to provide homes for vulnerable people to help them rebuild their lives. She is also a third generation construction professional and leads a global construction vision, so she is always across economy, construction and housing.


In business.

She is CEO to many high performing visions in male dominant industries, sports and construction, and has a long track record of successful businesses defying the odds, making her very well in demand as a c-suite consultant for business turnaround and strategic advice for all types of businesses, and the most complex of cases, taking bankrupt to projecting $27mil per month within a number of weeks. 

In people.

She is a strategic expert and mentor to many people of many different levels, because Suzannah has proven that it is only action that separates person A from person B, taking people away from Centrelink and turning them into $10,000 per week success stories, or helping people living with disability see a six figure income through the ultis investment when they are not able to work.


On a daily basis, Suzannah is CEO to visions in male dominant industries.

She spends her time on client files, whether that’s for 8-figure meetings or a startup, or an individual doing it tough, whilst also being one of the strategic brains behind the ultis investment that delivers 3-20 units a day profit.

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