Price List

Before we start, please know that our time is valuable between our high performing businesses, our investments, and our clients, and with this, each time we action your file, it is billed for, with estimated ROI displayed.

Step 1. Initial Consultation $250AUD+GST

This is your time with us, to discuss your current situation, your goals, and how we can help, to determine if we're a great fit moving forward. This session can be FREE if you leave a first impression review on our Google and/or Linkedin pages. 

Step 2. Starting Point

Step 3. Consulting

This is our CEO work time, consulting with you, or for you, on your vision. We don't charge for fluff time (talking about the weather), only the time we spend talking about you/your business, or working on your vision and goals. With each time bill, estimated ROI is quoted for to ensure best outcome. Our consulting is billed at $500 per hour plus GST, charged in minute units.

Think it's expensive? Well if you talk to our startups, a $750 fee provided six figure ROI opportunity, and a $80 fee provided $4000 ROI for a small startup. Or a $50,000 fee provided eight figure ROI opportunity for a medium enterprise.

Step 4. High Performance Service Delivery

Our in-house high performing delivery team work under the guidance of our ROI strategist to ensure best outcome for your projects. Each project is quoted for and agreed to before work is commenced.

Expected ROI? Well, as our social pages provide 10x more ROI than others with 100x followers, we mean business. For some perspective, our lawn mowing client, paid $14,000 in fees over a 3 month term, and his weekly revenue paid that full fee in his first week.

Terms and Conditions:

We run a common sense model with our service. Fees are due for the initial consultation before the appointment can be confirmed, and must be paid before the strategy is delivered. For consulting and service delivery, payment is due as the work is completed within the specified time frames. If fees are not paid, we may stop work on your file until it is resolved, and we may choose to execute the strategy in-house to recoup costs and capitalise upon the opportunity ourselves to provide jobs for people in need, and therefore may become competition to you. Our time is valuable across our own businesses, our investments, and our clients, and with this you must know that each time we spend time on your file it is billed for.

Pay-It-Forward Credits:

We appreciate sometimes funds can be tight, and with this we allow our services to be available to all with our pay-it-forward credits, equal to $50 per successful referral. Networking and engagement is a very important part of success, and this provides triple benefit for you, being discounted use of our service, a new opportunity for you, and the guardian effect, with us being a reference and guardian of your vision.

Our fees are quoted in AUD$, and where a transaction fee applies,

this will be passed onto the client.

Ready-Made Business

This is a tried and tested high performing business strategy in our black book, ready for launch. These are businesses we would build ourselves if we had the time, providing 6,7,8 figure ROI.

Master Strategy

starting from $5000+GST.

The Startup

We'll take your vision under our wing and develop a high performing strategy, giving insight and expected ROI with an action plan.

Master Strategy

starting from $5000+GST.

The Existing

We'll become guardian of your vision, and conduct a critical review of current status, developing a high performing forward strategy with expected ROI.

Master Strategy

starting from $5000+GST.

People Development

We'll hear your goals, and develop a high performing strategy to take you to the next level, in your career, and life. People love our investment, but also, with our fast growing businesses, we have multiple job opportunities.

Fee: Variable.

Let's get started.

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