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From bankrupt to $27mil per month in a matter of weeks? We do that.

This is Ben's story.

  • Working towards 50% GP Margin

  • He says we cured his depression and changed his life

  • On track for Australia wide, and international growth strategy

  • New jobs created, and many more to come

  • The best part - the ripple effect - Ben’s clients, the industry, and all families now have support.

Many people would call Ben hard to work with, in fact a total nightmare, however everyone has their journey, and their reasons for being. As the grand old saying goes, nothing changes if nothing changes, and Ben can choose to stay the miserable nightmare, or we were available and unafraid of the challenge to turn him into a success story - but only if he wanted that.

This is where our theory of rich and poor proves valid. The many millions of people in India are a lot more rich in life, than this multi-million dollar businessman who the world sees as rich in money. And that stigma needs to stop - we are all human and all go through the same emotional waves that is life.

I met Ben when working on the other client side, and saw how the construction industry was rife with depression, suicide, and toxic people. Had I been sheltered my entire life? After all, I’ve seen all positive views having a dad with a 50 year construction history and being one of the most likeable men in the industry - that was what I was accustomed to. But this experience showed a different story, and I can see why the industry has the worst rates of drug use and suicide in Australia.

Sitting in a project meeting - when it came to Ben’s family being degraded - the very alpha Suzannah came out in a boardroom filled with men. Who am I? I don’t know these people, but I certainly know that is not OK. When I witnessed what levels people would stoop to, to get their way, that was about to destroy not just a business, but a family’s life - I lost my mind.

Ben was low, very low, considering the worst, he had been through bankruptcy, and the adult bullying wouldn’t stop - and sometimes, he wasn’t much better himself. You are the product of your environment - and the consequences of your actions, or lack thereof - will always come knocking.

But as a stranger, I stood up for Ben and ultimately lost my contract for standing up for what’s right in the industry - and that kicked off our relationship. And I gained many more clients following that. In fact I warned my side that if they didn’t listen, they would lose the support of their parent company, and I am engaged to help - but I won’t stand for wrongdoing. And exactly that happened. They didn’t listen, and their vision was gone. They should have just listened to the person they engaged to make things happen. Sometimes greed knows no bounds.

As Ben always says, I was the silent but dangerous face in a project meeting as he states, never to be underestimated, and he’s forever grateful I opened my mouth at that exact time, and then continued to support him back on his feet, and his family. But I take no prisoners, I have told Ben his family needs something positive to be led by, and that is him. Ben has also been on the receiving end of my discipline - but for his benefit. I only do this to help people.

He would’ve lost everything had we not stepped in on a commercial scale, guided him through legal proceedings, and really the entire problem solving of a multi million dollar nightmare. He’s already got a history of bankruptcy due to a similar circumstance.

Let’s just say, in a matter of weeks, Ben’s gone from ‘my life is over’ to now being the Director of a company and vision we started for him, that’s now projecting $27million per month - we did the build, we brought the demand, and did every element of the business side whilst he just does his trade, and we will guide him through every step of the way until he reaches his success.

The many times Ben said “I give up” - we pushed him through. Ben has spent thousands on mentoring sessions and business leading seminars, and says every day, ULTISpro is on a completely different level.

Ben joined our investment - Our investment provided more income than his salary, now he is throwing his house balance into it.

Ben asks us for property and investment advice - because we lead by example, and our stats defy expectations.

Ben asked us to mentor his children - because they needed help that he, nor other professionals they engaged could provide.

Ben decided to act upon opportunity - our first invoice was pricey, but was well within our % parameter had Ben listened and acted upon instruction, but he learned that the hard way, and now that’s proven, he is back on track, and listening this time around.

Now the darkness is fading for Ben - and he’s back in the positive mindset, it’s positive to see his family back on track, but also the opportunity for employment for people in need in the industry.

Ben’s company is Global Steel Solutions, 100% built, managed, and delivered by us, whilst he just focuses on his trade.


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