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Dion's story.

Unemployed, homeless, anxious - Dion sought the help of #ultispro to resolve his problems. It was Friday we spoke with Dion, to find out more about his situation and struggles in life, hearing that his family and him are living on the streets due to their current rental situation, and unemployment isn't helped their situation either.

That was Friday. By the end of that day, we had arranged two ongoing employment opportunities for both adults, to work around the needs of the kids, and organised a property.

No discount will be given, because we don't believe in handouts, however we will assist Dion and his family to realise their full potential, with jobs lined up, an investment to provide, and a booming business opportunity to continue their success.

From homeless and unemployed, to employed with a home and invested smart, in 48 hours - that's not a bad life turnaround.

Now all Dion has to do, is act upon opportunity to reap the full benefits.

Cost of this service: $250-$300


+ Two full capacity roles

+ A smart investment journey to begin, delivering upto 1000u per year

+ A home to get back to living life happily

+ A business opportunity providing circa $250k per year+


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