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Inessa's story

Life for Inessa is far from easy.

She lives with a disability which causes her pain all day, everyday, and with her walking stick and support aids, she is the full time carer to her mother, who lives with Dementia.

She battles the everyday question that ponders the minds of many children caring for their parents, should she put her mum into a home, and her answer is no.

Much like mine was when we were caring for mum. When our parents have raised us, it’s our turn to return the favour, although it seems to be a theory that might be missing in the Australian culture, but still very current internationally.

Inessa can’t work, when every minute of her day is dedicated to her mother, and when the government offered her $128 per fortnight as an allowance, something needed to change.

Those who know me know I don’t believe in Centrelink, I don’t believe in paying for a never ending spiral of depression with no escape plan. I believe in opportunity, and discipline. Free healthcare for all, education, the basic necessities, and the want for people to take control of their lives and their future. I believe everything else is upto community to thrive, and create sustainable solutions to make life work. Much like they do in third world countries like India, with big smiles on their faces.

Well, Inessa’s life was about to change.

This wasn’t about finding Inessa a job, she can’t work when her mother needs support, this is about our investment. We supported her through the entire process, and in her first week, she saw 20% net on capital, which was the equivalent to $9000.

Now, if Inessa didn’t have money to invest smart, we would have accessed our capital program to provide starting funding for her to commence, on our pay-it-forward rules.

Now, Inessa lives happily, with opportunity, and knows anytime she needs support, she can call on us.

If you're needing help in life, business, or investment, we are here to help.

- Suzannah Dacre, ULTISpro


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