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Dear Homeless Man,

Everyone has a journey, and they say home is where the heart is. You were a missing man for 20 years, and thanks to Suzannah Dacre, and her family behind ULTISpro, you are now back where you belong, with your family, and have all the help you need, with ULTISpro.

We found you based on luck, or fate, because maybe it was your time to be helped.

My partner recognised your photo, and you, in the middle of the night on the street - you looked familiar. He came home, and told me how he was sure he recognised a missing man of 20 years on the street, and not a second later, I told him, let’s go and find him, bring him home, and show him people care.

The police had seen this man daily on the streets, and not one recognised him, he was considered a liability of society, except mine.

Much to hubby’s angst, late that night, with a toddler in tow, and a partner who thought I was insane, we found you, you became a guest of our family, a new friend to our daughter, and that first moment, you used our iPad to Facetime your now adult children, who you left without notice over 20 years ago, was absolutely priceless.

We went shopping for you, ensure you had the necessities, binged on a feast fit for a king to ensure you caught up on all those missed meals over the years. You stayed at our home for however long was needed, and we arranged transport and care for you back interstate, where you would be close to your family.

We know you had no choice but to leave all those years ago, when your kids were young, and we make no judgement. All we know is, your family was, and still are, eternally grateful, we found you, and helped you.

It was because of our success with our businesses and investments, we can help people, no matter their situation.


This is Dave’s story. An update is coming, once we reach out to him and his family.


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