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Dear Single Mum,

We know you are running away, looking for happiness, with your kids in tow. We know how the world has judged you, agents declined you, and how you feel like giving up, when there’s no hope left.

We saw your cry for help. We had a property available, and we offered it with normal rental conditions. We knew you had zero dollars to your name, and that was OK, as we mentioned, welcome to the life that is ULTISpro.

You and your kids are now safe in a home, that we once called our own, that isn’t government managed, and that is well loved by it’s owners. Your two adult kids are unemployed, and so are you, being the primary carer to your two younger children with special needs, and that’s OK, we are here to help. But you have to want to help yourself.

If at anytime, you fell behind in rent, or needed help, you were to call us, but you didn’t. You fell thousands of dollars behind in rent, and whilst we were disappointed you spent your monies elsewhere, probably because you saw the positive change that was coming along with ULTIS, we gave you one last chance, because no one is perfect, and success takes discipline.

We assisted with finding your adult kids employment, so they could help with paying the debt, but what about you?

Well, we got you invested smart, so your money started to grow, and wasn’t that a relief, you saw hope again.

We started building you a business after hearing about your talents, but put that on hold due to your mistake, but on hold is only temporary, until you fix your wrongdoings. Where there is will, there is a way, we helped you pay your $8000 rental debt back within months, when you were all on Centrelink and limited income, and you did it - because you wanted a better future.

Full-time employment wasn’t suitable with your current stay-at-home needs, and now your little business that was once a dream is projecting $3000 per week income, and best of all, it’s doing what you love and enjoy, so you will never feel like you are working a day in your life.

Those stresses are behind you - it’s time you look onwards and upwards from here, invest smart, push forward with your dreams, and now pay it forward, to let every person know about how we helped you with the starting opportunity, and investment, and now you’re helping yourself, and the world as a whole.

A's journey is coming soon.

A has worked with our founder Suzannah Dacre for a few months, to rebuild her life, and now the negative is in the past.


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