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Stella Life Spa, positively controversial.

Bridging the gap between skin and body health, this positively controversial vision captivated local, state, national and global attention in 2011, and continued to grow as a vision and movement for full spectrum and concentrated beauty care for clients.

The vision was responsible for developing treatment theories for hard to treat conditions, and the signature 'tox response' of the body to educate clients with an easy to understand way to look after themselves. The brow reconstruction for hair regeneration was a favourite, signature treatment, and the fluid treatments as well.

The salon received extensive 5-star reviews stating 'one of a kind'.

The innovation strategy was recognised in local, state and national awards finalistings for business excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation, industry excellence, customer care, and performance excellence with the likes of ABIA, Telstra Business Awards, CBWC and a list of other nominations.


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