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Our impact on investment.

We are in the business of best ROI, across life, business, and investment, and overall success. We are also home to one of the world's most powerful investments, for best ROI, and it's life changing impact on humanity.


Being home to all types of investments, we can lead by example, and compare each for their pro's and con's, and advise you on which one is best for you, based on our experience.

The most profound, and important part of our vision, is our #payitforward rule, one for one, for every new member of our investment, we help someone in need, and that's pretty cool.

Not only that, but we are home to powerful and profound strategy and engagement that defies industry standards, and helps change the world. Where else do you get 14-35% rental on a property?

We believe everything in life is an investment,

as it's your job to invest in yourself.

We have defied the odds with our investments, having experience across people, business, property and investment. We lead by example across FOREX, stocks, currency, property, business and performance, and really anything that turns good ROI.​ Our properties have delivered 14-35% rental return and doubled their value within 12 months, with agents asking how do we do it, and whilst we have property, it’s a long hold investment that requires effort, and we use our property to provide homes for the homeless, our preference is performance investment. 

With so many scams in existence, you need to be able to trust who you're dealing with, and we've partnered up with experts we believe in, in each investment space, who exude passion and honesty, to provide you a reliable source of information.​ If you're looking for convenience and efficiency, performance investment is our preference. Have a read below to see why this investment is step one to our process.


Our impact on property

In 2013, we purchased a property for $265,000 and rented it for $575 per week. We sold it for $370,000 a year later to a land developer.In 2013, we purchased a property for $265,000, and rented it for $650 per week, and later $1750 once we had spent $80,000 renovating it. In 2015, we were offered $630,000 for this property, and it's current valuation sits at $530,000.​ In 2014, we bought a semi renovated Queenslander for $405,000, completed the renovations, and it returned $2000 per week to us, and now $1000 per week, due to change of strategy. We were offered $820,000 for the property, but decided not to sell.

All of our properties provide homes for people in need.​ When people ask us about property investment, our opinion is this, so much work for such little return. Yes, we'll help you invest smart in property, but be prepared for the effort. You have to manage the agents, and tenants, and they can both be as bad, or as good, as each other. We self manage our properties, because it made life easier. But the amount of effort to manage the properties, the tenants, and the sheer amount of dedication required for the end result, there are smarter, more convenient investments out there - not forgetting to mention the startup costs of a property.

Property with ULTIS

Don't touch property unless it can turn 14-35% rental yield per annum. We can help you with this.

Our thoughts on FOREX and stocks

Not for the fainthearted. Day trading requires patience, discipline and skill, and 99% of people are not successful, because they don't put in the required effort. Unless you're prepared to treat it like your #1 priority, don't do it. Yes, we day trade, and long hold, but based on our experience, it takes a special type of person and level of dedication that many people don't have.​ We recommend an exclusive mentoring program to learn Forex trading. Contact us for more detail.

Our thoughts on Cryptocurrency

The alternative currency that is fast gaining traction in the world. We are all about innovation and ROI, and that's why we love cryptocurrency, however like FOREX, it takes commitment and passion to be successful.​ We recommend an exclusive mentoring program to learn Crypto trading. Contact us for more detail.

Cars as an investment

We aren't joking. Little disruptive visions like Car Next Door, means everyday people who don't use their car everyday, are making $90 per day for a vehicle worth $15,000. That's a pretty cool, low risk, convenient alternative to investment.



and lastly, our preference...

Performance Investment

We've spent years gaining personal experience across all of the above, the blood, sweat, tears, and although day trading offers big rewards, it also offers big losses, property too much effort, we want convenience.

Performance Investment is the master analysis of creatures of habit performance, because instinct proves more reliable than human error in most cases, and we've signed a 20 year agreement with Australia's #1 Performance Analyst to ensure we can continue to use their expertise to help community, people, and the world as a whole.​ With daily returns, and limited risk, our recommended performance investment returned 328% net ROI in 2018 to members based on 2-minutes of work a day, or 46% net ROI in June 2019.

Too good to be true? No, just passionate people dedicated to helping. This business also has a personal journey, like our clients, and we've helped them believe in themselves, and in return, benefit the community as a whole. It is a registered Australian company with 5 years experience of profits, and an annual guarantee of profit, if and when you follow the rules, instructions, and analysis provided via the annual membership.

So essentially no risk to you - and that is the impact we have on business strategy.​ In most cases, the membership pays for itself within 2 months of results, and we want all ULTIS clients to join so you have a safe, solid alternative method of income generation whilst we are helping you.​ It is because of our relationship with this analyst, that we make the rich richer, and help the homeless, become independent, and happy, and all people in need, not forgetting a big portion of your annual membership fee goes back into helping the community through us.

You can read about how the investment helps our business clients, and people clients, and see why it's step one in our process, because we want you to love what you do on a daily basis, so whilst the investment provides the income generator, we build a life or business you will love.​

The Breakdown

It is an Annual Membership: $2500, payable upfront for full benefit, or via weekly $50 payments over 52 weeks.

Amount of Effort: 30 seconds a day, the analyst does the brain work for you.

Risk: 5% of capital at most, but there is a profit guarantee with the annual strategy, so zero risk when you follow the rules.

Expected ROI: 20-50% net on capital per month, 328% annually, daily investment returns 14-200% (varies).

Live Results

Joining our investment is step one of our process.

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