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for investment.

Results. Value. WOW.

A real investment that returns 1000 units per year.

That’s $100,000 off a $100 unit size,

the funds are used to help vulnerable people.


A $265,000 house renting for $650 per week,

and a resale value of $530,000.

Homes that are used to help vulnerable people.

A $405,000 house renting for $1000 per week,

and a resale value of $820,000.

That’s the ULTIS impact with strategy

and engagement across investment.

We are about smart ROI, pushing the boundaries for better results,

and leading by example across our business, people and investment visions.

We don’t exist to sell a product to you - but instead help you make smart decisions about your investments based on our experience and results, because we use our power in investment to help vulnerable people into homes, and onto smart investments that provide sustainable income.

Some call us the money mentor. We are not financial advisers, although they come to us for help. We lead by example with our own results, and develop strategies for you, and mentor you to achieve success.


Our investment service/s give you a full spectrum look at all the different types of investments available to you, and our personal experience with them, as we won’t recommend something we don’t use ourselves.

If you want our help.

We offer extensive services, with fixed fee, or time billed packages available.


How we help?

In property

  • We can review and develop a strategy for your current property

  • We can help you find a prospective property, and develop a strategy for your ROI

  • We can get the job done for you, because we do it on the regular and know how to make it happen.

  • Keep an eye on our social media, as we release "I Spy" regularly, like the $1.2mil market opportunity that we can develop a strategy to return 20% rental yield, and increase value by minimum 50%.


In investment

  • We’ve stepped out a comprehensive guide below, but if you feel you need further assistance, our consultations are designed to guide you to make the right decision based on our direct experience - we’ll walk you through our highs and lows, the effort required, things to consider etc, and one very important thing to know, is we don’t receive any commission for your wins or losses with any agencies etc - and we are are totally unbiased, in an industry where a lot of influencers receive a commission for your gains losses with agencies - this is not how we do business.












Our Fees

Our standard time block consultations start from $50.

For strategic projects, our strategy fee commences from $2500.00 depending on the scope of work, or from $500 per hour. 

We accept payment in AUD$ or pay-it-forward credits, with each credit being worth $50. Your initial consultation is $250, however if you leave a first impression review, and should out - its complimentary.

ROI and Value Management - How our fees stack up.

With property,

Our $2500 fee saved $115,000 off a property purchase.

Our $2500 fee earned a property an extra $14,040 rental return per year.

With investment,

Our $250 fee saved an individual from losing more than $50,000 on forex.

Our $250 fee introduced an individual to an investment that paid itself off in 14 days.

With life,

Our $250 fee developed a success friendly budget, mentoring a person from "I can't afford it", to "I can, and I will".

ULTIS for property

There are plenty of ‘property experts’ out there, yet we come from a third generation builder family across Australia and New Zealand, but also strategic expertise, and yes, property is a smart investment depending on your needs, but a solid strategy is needed.


We bought a property for $265,000, spent about $30,000 on upgrades, and it now rents for $650 per week with our simple strategy, or $1750 with our elite strategy - both in very HIGH demand so much so we are looking to expand our portfolio to service our waitlist. Did we mention, it has doubled it’s value, to $530,000, and we have had offers in the $600,000’s to sell it - however we’re here to invest, and help vulnerable people.


We haven’t seen any results similar to this, but also using their properties to help the homeless get back on track.


Another property we bought for $405,000, and on simple strategy rents for $1000 per week, or $2000 on complex strategy, again with both in HIGH demand. And again, the valuation increased to $820,000 with an offer to buy.


With so much liability and red tape surrounding the property markets, we say yes, do invest in property, but be smart about it - because you won’t ever see us buying in Melbourne for the very reason that you won’t get near the ROI of the above.

Our thoughts: Buy only the right property to service your needs, and keep it long term. Property plus our performance investment leave individuals with the equivalent of an executive salary.


ULTIS for the Stock Market

The traditional type of investment, one for those passionate in the performance of businesses, we day trade and long hold stocks successfully, and what we will say, is it is a long term investment, and with day trading averaging 20% on capital per month with our strategy, there comes risk, so a high level of commitment and discipline is required to be successful. We trade fulltime and have for a very long time over two generations, and the innovative side of our insight suggests whilst this is the traditional option, there are much better options for better ROI.


None the less, we trade because we are in the ROI of business, and love to stay engaged with the markets and performances of companies.


ULTIS for Cryptocurrency

The modern digital currency, we have been trading and holding cryptocurrency since the early days of Bitcoin, and this is an exciting market to be in, but also highly volatile, not for the faint hearted. We’ve personally known people who have lost a lot of money with crypto, whilst we remain the profit.


ULTIS for Forex

We love money, and travel, but also politics and the markets - so our history with forex trading is successful, averaging 20% on capital per month, sometimes much higher, but there are times of lows, so we always speak on an average. Forex requires heavy analysis skill and discipline to trade fulltime, as greed knows no bounds, and with that, a lot of people lose a lot of money feeling like they can beat the markets. We love forex, but for so much more than the money making theory - and that’s why we are successful.












ULTIS for Performance / Sports

Our home grown vision, where our knowledge of technical and market sentiment combines with the knowledge of Australia’s leading performance analyst to provide a world leading vision. Performance investment is across sports, but also creatures of habit ie politics, and the events vary based on the season. We love this vision, because we’ve developed the strategy to be sustainable, meeting and defying 1000 units per year, and a lot easier for the brain than traditional financial markets, including the sense of community. We can safely grow capital, both big and small, to help vulnerable people with a sustainable income, and purchase properties to provide homes for people in need with this investment.

The fine print:

Entry level membership (Tier 1) is $2500 per year

This takes about 30-seconds of effort a day delivering anywhere upto 250 units of profit based on 1% risk per year. If your risk amount is $100, your membership will usually pay itself off in 6-8 weeks.

Tier 2 membership is an additional $2500 per year

This takes about an hour per day, and delivers upto 1000 units per year based on 1% risk. We can have days ranging 3-20 units of profit. If your risk amount is $100, your membership will usually pay itself in approx 2-4 weeks.

The best part of our performance investment, being our standards of integrity and discipline, follow the rules of success, or be prepared for the consequences. 

We've developed the strategy for this investment to deliver for vulnerable people. With our entry level starting capital, we can provide an average annual income of $100,000.

The Real Deal.

You can continue to follow our results and how we use our investment to help people in need via our social links, or view detailed case studies here.

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