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A new client experience.

A sydney based cleaning company.

Let’s take a look at the first experience of ULTIS with a new client.

After their initial consultation, and before they signed on, we presented a 4-5 figure initial immediate ROI opportunity with long term repeat business amounting to 6 figure ROI opportunity if a smart strategy was implemented - and they realised, the benefit of having an ROI strategist in their corner, is the difference between deal and no deal, success and failure, and maximum ROI in any situation.

You see it’s not about Facebook Ads, or Google Ads, it’s about the entire strategy that makes any action worth its weight, the end result etc - that’s ROI strategy.

After their initial consultation, we left them with sound advice to capitalise on a minimum 6-figure ROI in certain areas of opportunity, and they could have taken that and run with it alone, or have us in their corner to support them the whole way, knowing that we exist to resolve blindspots and provide shortcuts to success, and we back ourselves, with a risk free system with double benefit - you only pay for the work we do - and we offer our pay-it-forward credits.

After their second meeting, we left them with sound advice on why it hasn’t worked to date, and actions to take to resolve this, whether they DIY, or we can help them.

Our $250 fee provided six figure ROI opportunity.

Our $99 fee provided problem solving opportunity.

Our relationship with them, means we’ll back them, and support them along their journey to success.

This client is a small business, which means cash flow is limited, and that’s OK, if they had engaged us before that 4-5 figure opportunity, they’d be seeing immediate ROI to justify the review and strategy fee, but for now, they’re starting small with our time billed sessions.

We’ll continue to work with this client on a time billing usage, until they’re ready to invest in our formal review and strategy process.


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