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Business turnaround | We could have saved you, if you had listened.

Dear business owner,

You engaged our services because you wanted to be successful, you saw an opportunity, and you took advantage of it. You went to bid against other competitors for our service. Well done for wanting something so much, that shows promise.

We came on board having been briefed by you that the clients were the problem, the contractors the problem, and we made it very clear, we take no victims in our service, we exist to help, but won’t sugar coat honesty.

Our first day, we pulled you aside, and into line. Your clients are divine, and have every right to be concerned - they love us, even though we’re engaged by you, we can take your business to better levels, but you’ll have to listen. They are not the problem.

We also realised the contractors are only doing what they are told - and well, judging on our time spent with you, looking from a birds eye view as strategists do - we can see why everything is going to sh&t.

No one except us, would probably ever tell you this - but you need to hear it. Between the problems you have with your troubled child at home, and the problems you have in this $150million business - the common denominator - is you. Take responsibility for your actions, or lack thereof.

Now that band aid has been ripped off, it’s now back to business. I sat in a c-suite meeting and witnessed atrocious behaviour and words against your contractors, and the little blonde me dropped a bombshell, that left everyone quiet. I will not stand for disrespect, no matter the situation. I do not tolerate any behaviour that is an endorsement of bullying and depression.

You then accused me of taking sides, when I simply was being honest. I’m here to help you, it’s time you stopped playing the victim.

Then another c-suite meeting came and went, I sat there as you said ‘when x contractor isn’t at their office, go and take the materials’ - this is after they refused to release them without payment. That in my eyes, is theft, or attempt thereof. I'm a trusted individual, and the next minute, my worst nightmare occured, that contractor called me saying your truck had turned up to take the materials without payment.

That was enough for me to complete my evaluation. I very politely warned you, that if you continue to cook your books with rose tinted glasses, sell the false dream to your funding partners, they will pull the plug, and you will be no longer. I am here to help - I can get you out of this mess, but you’ll have to leave your ego at the door.

You then ended my engagement - thank you for your time.

The following weeks our predictions occurred. Your company folded because your funding partners found out what I had warned you of, and you tried to use us as the blame - using your same tactics as you did with the contractor, you claimed a refund due to wrongdoing on our behalf. I smiled warmly as I said to the officer “you do realise their words are describing their very own actions” and we were let go, because we can back ourselves, with years of experience and references that speak honestly of their experience.

Here comes the ongoing karma. I then helped the contractors rebuild themselves, they, and the clients, and the employees are the victims here. I helped them get through the toxic disaster you caused, and well here we are, projecting well over $20 million per month, whilst your vision is no longer.

That could have been you. I didn’t want to see you fail, but our process comes with rules, and that is the purpose of our review and strategy.

Our prototype for your vision worked, not with you, but with us, leading the way.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Yours Sincerely,

Suzannah Dacre



This is a perfect example of the impact our business review and strategy provides. If client A had listened to understand, client A would be where client B is now with the prototype.

That's the impact of ULTIS in business - a very smart investment.


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