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Have web designers got it all wrong?

Dear Web Designers,

(Well, this theory applies to most experts, but we see the struggle with web designers lately.)

I know your struggle. Your clients don’t see your value.

You’re spending so much time in the initial phase, only to be ghosted, or you get half way through the project, only to have a client not understand how much work goes into creating a functioning website that delivers results.

Or you're spending so much money on ads, and sitting at the top of page one of google, only to get an enquiry, and never a successful conversion.

You have international competition, and the frustration the client would rather go budget, and spend 10x the amount of time, then come back to you to fix the mess, is real - liquidated damages ie the cost of time wasted and delays, does not come to mind with many clients, including yourself, as you choose to constantly deal with this trouble.

We get you.

So here's the thing, it’s fair to say most people don’t understand the value of c-suite strategy - and here’s a mammoth opportunity for you to change the way you do business.

Websites are a part of brand, but clients don’t understand a website isn’t going to provide the sales ROI on its own.

We, as strategists look at websites like brand, a small necessity that grows in value over time. Yes, we take pride in our basic online presence, and completely beating everyone else at ROI - that's what strategy does. This applies in our website, and our social media. There's a reason for so little followers yet such big results.

You, look at a website, as an absolute necessity for brand and business.

The client, looks at the website as a necessity, but expects it to turn money overnight.

Newsflash, have a strategist in your corner.

For your own benefit, but also your client's benefit. It will stop you wasting time, becoming more productive, but also increase the ROI for your client, which means no more hassles for you, and a very long term, loyal relationship with your client.

Clients struggle to budget $30,000 for a website when DIY is so much easier. The same goes with a $6,000 website.

However they don’t understand the value of the $30,000 website until it's needed. By working with a strategist, that client can start with a basic website, develop their strategy and ROI, and a few weeks later, suddenly have the budget, and need for a $30,000 website.

It's another level to explain to a client that web developers aren’t content or sales experts, certainly not graphic designers for an eye for detail, nor are they strategists for ROI.

Focus on what you’re good at, be really good at it, and cultivate a culture of unmatched ROI for your clients so they don’t shop elsewhere.

An example.

Client just spent $30,000 on a website elsewhere, came to us for advice, we're now working with said client to clean up that early debt with solid ROI through strategy. That web designer just lost that client, when they could've had a $120,000 website contract from that client by following our advice.

Another example.

Little startup company got sick of the big prices for website, came to us for advice, we turned that little startup into a 6-7 figure business, that now has the need for a full-time web crew - and all those web designers missed out due to lack of strategy.

Our situation.

We prove a point with our very basic online presence. It's intentional. We are in the business of best ROI through strategy - and that's why every business we've built has defied the odds without spending big dollars on social media, and digital.

Now they have a big budget for brand because they have an image to maintain.

You can thank me later.


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