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Homeless, to $10,000 weeks - we do that.

A not-so-little lawn mowing business.

We met him randomly, he was struggling with life, and homeless.

But he loved the outdoors.

We provided him a home, and rebuilt his life.

Whilst he talks of other experiences with business development professionals who are all talk and, he has nothing but positive things to say about us. In fact, he says he had nothing to lose, because we back ourselves as a service, but we do that diligently, and won’t be taken advantage of.

What did we do for him?

We built his business from ground up, everything you think of, minus the lawn mowing, we did, and we did it well - so well, that our 3 month fee of $14,000 was covered in the first week revenue.

We built a prototype, and tested it to succeed and fail. We handed the strategy over to the client, and he asked us for ongoing engagement, which meant the implementation of all systems, and managing the execution of the strategy.

Now, had this client just wanted the review and strategy, that $5000 fee would have produced 5-figure weeks with DIY action and execution, but our ongoing engagement was an investment of $14,000 over 3 months, and that provided $14,000 in the first week, and ongoing ROI opportunity of $10,000 per week.

What this client says about ULTIS?

He calls us non-human, citing if he told his network group what he had achieved with us, they wouldn’t believe him.

He recommends everyone use us, but he warns to be prepared for the success to come.

Where is he now?

The business was moved onto a new owner, of which we’re now helping, whilst we developed another high performing strategy for the original client in a new industry for him to DIY.


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