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ST Fabrication - Not everything is as tough as steel.

We were engaged to conduct formal review of a medium sized construction business in a lot of trouble due to culture - and despite us being able to turn nightmares into absolute success stories, it takes action on the client’s behalf.

In this situation, there were two business partners, who were not a great match - neither of them perfect, however there was no easy nor progressive way to move forward.

Lucky for them, we thrive in tough situations.

There was a tax debt - we resolved that.

Subcontractors owed money - we resolved that.

Bad reputation - we resolved that.

No future - we resolved that.

End result?

A separation of business partnership, and we helped both individuals with their own goals, and happy to report - they’re both thriving, with not one successful opportunity, but both have been given two high ROI opportunities based on their needs.

We back our clients and ensure their success - they just have to want it.

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