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Suzannah Dacre, and A Current Affair (The real story, with facts and evidence available).

I read a troll comment recently, that said:

“She was talking about 6,8 figure contracts, and four degrees, and no 30 year old has that, yeah right - so glad I checked my facts.”

And it prompted me to write this, thinking, are people really that stupid?

My response to that troll - Wrong you fool. I’m 29, and hold A LOT more than management, marketing, public relations and journalism degrees - you’d know that if you checked your facts, spoke to my clients - instead of speaking with the parasites online.

Be prepared for a read, because I will only say this once, because I don't like that social media enables criminals to seem innocent, and that trolls have the louder mouths when trying to cover their tracks. What you get with me, is full blown honestly, no BS, always said in the most kind way possible, but truths will be told, because you need change to grow, and you can't change when constantly justifying your bad behaviour.

Who do you align with more in society?

A. A notorious criminal, drug dealer, who beats their partner, doesn't pay child support (cough, the trolls online that seem so innocent).

or ...

B. A law abiding, squeaky clean, never done drugs or smoked, ever, multi qualified professional, who is well respected among business leaders, community leaders, and called an angel, by strangers - yet is perfectly imperfect, and owns up to their actions always (me).

If you answered A, I'm not your type of person.

Suzannah Dacre and A Current Affair, the real story (AKA what actually happened, not the self sabotaging victims version, who forgot to remove their five star reviews online).

1. Why we looked at the story like a filter for gullible people, and sheep, and saw the positive side to it (If you believed it, or any trolls - you are stupid - you can see the evidence below).

Note - I get recommendations from senior officials in the police service, from CEOs of charitable organisations, and from international business people - and they wouldn’t ever support a bad person in society.

2. The trolls say I’m the fraud, when they committed multiple acts of it, and received a benefit through deceit multiple times - I'm squeaky clean with the law (except for losing licence points in 2007 on my Ps when the officer forgot to check my rear window for my P Plate).

3. The trolls say I’m unqualified, when all the regulatory bodies are happy with my qualifications and experience. We passed every test (and the hundreds of anonymous complaints they made in their hate (obsession) group).

4. The trolls say they’re the victim, when they got thousands of dollars of benefit, and left a company out of pocket, despite leaving five star reviews, and recommending everyone - and committed an act of fraud by getting unpaid products from the wholesaler which they were not entitled to - so much for professional only, InSkin Cosmedics.

5. The trolls say I’m a bad person, when they had to create multiple fake versions of me online to justify their bad behaviour. A fake website, A fake facebook page, A fake media story.

6. Why bullying in kids won’t stop unless the adults change their ways.

7. Oh - and why ruining the life of a well respected, law abiding, popular citizen with a family legacy, will get more views as clickbait, then what real news will - I’m OK to support the revenue of the slowly dying media channels, I’m a giver - but just realise not everything you hear or read, is true.

For those who know me, they know I’m very old fashioned, honest, understanding, and reasonable. I can’t help you if you never want to take accountability for your own actions, and always look to blame others, and I will never support you if you’re on a quest to destroy others, no matter what they’ve done wrong - there is always a better way to handle tough situations.

That same value was said by one of my sickly obsessed trolls who’s face appeared on TV smashing my name, despite failing to tell the world they hacked the Health Ombudsman, and have an extensive history of mental health, stalking, and being a troublesome member of society (the reason why everyone they meet thinks I’m dodgy = it doesn’t take rocket science to figure that out = she’s the common denominator - with a history - I’d probably think I’m dodgy too if I hung around her attitude for too long).

I don't think I've ever actually received a genuine negative review across any of our businesses, because we pride ourselves on service excellence - only fake reviews of the negative sort.

I was raised to lead by example, and treat people with respect, and that is what I do, and I endorse that behaviour amongst others, including my daughter. They often say, to make true judgement of an adult, look at their children’s behaviour, and given that my daughter gains whole school awards as a prep child for kindness, and compassion, and continues to be acknowledged for her kindness in grade one, she speaks to the homeless, and uses her pocket money to buy them meals, I think that gives a pretty clear example of what type of family we are.

In fact, she friended a man who was homeless, and had been missing for over 20 years, we found him, identified him, offered our home, went shopping for him, cooked for him, and located his lost family interstate, and reconnected him with them - you can see the pictures below. Bad people don’t do that - normal people don’t even do that - and nor did the police for 20 odd years, despite the man being a regular homeless on the esplanade - we made the effort.

We don’t achieve success by tearing down others - that goes against our values, and having helped many people from troubled backgrounds, including women from domestic violence, children from abusive families, individuals who commit crime, I can say, that this statement is a struggle for me to write, as kindness is my preferred way to live - but after living nearly five years in silence, taking the high road, and watching how people are gullible enough to believe trolls, something has to be said - with absolute respect.

I give chances, despite being told not to - and whilst the majority of people are good, honest people, I wouldn’t be where I am today without them - there are others, the minority, that ruin it for others - and I believe the rules of psychology say the behaviour of an individual is about them, the words that come out of their mouth is about them, not the others who they speak ill about - and yet, adults who run around preaching bullying is bad, choose to side with, and believe the words of trolls, and people who tear others down, and not check their own facts.

Just ask Renee Gipp at Mumlife Community, or Melbourne Mums Group - the most judgemental mother’s groups around, that would rather leave a sickly obsessed youth with a criminal history that is not a mother in the group - who trolled me, than an angel of a mother who provided their members with jobs and homes, and doesn’t break any rules. Shame on you - you are not the right type of leaders to be nurturing mothers, or children if you endorse this behaviour, and can't follow your own rules.

To me, that makes them a bully themselves - and it makes me wonder, if someone told me something bad about you, would you want me to believe them, or remember how you’ve treated me, and come to you?

And there is your answer to how most individuals should think, before they act.

I’ve lived a life of helping people, I am not yet 30, yet have had multiple businesses and senior roles, with very long term, loyal clients (from 2004+) as a business strategist, as a therapist for rehabilitation, as a skin therapist who bridged the gap between skin and body after my mother was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease, when I noticed the change in her skin linked to her body, and our family foundations, in the property development and construction industry, but I chose to use our houses to help the homeless (because I can, despite my family saying I’m naive to do it) - and I’ve been criticised for my knowledge, by a select few, who actually aren’t clients.

The people who actually know me say my age and accomplishments intimidate people, when it shouldn't - I'm here to help.

My businesses always gave accounts, for people to pay within a reasonable amount of time - like we do today, and well, again, this same trend of non-paying, toxic individuals is happening, but this time, I’m screenshotting their reviews before they go and change their mind, trying to justify their wrongdoing. Our prices have always been on our website, clear to see - yet apparently people only see what they want to see despite having to read the content to book the appointment.

In 2014/2015, a fake website appeared online, under my name, saying I was God and a doctor etc, but what people didn’t realise, is that it was indeed fake. I am not religious, far from it, and if you check my history through my newsfeeds, but also speak to my good clients who pay their way, I actually disliked the medical profession, for complacency, and how they treated my mother, my partner and many clients. I do not like band aid fixes for anything, skin, body, or business and life, the quick fix will never last. I had doctors and professionals as clients, who appreciated my attention to detail with client care, and challenging the status quo. I'm not Antivax, but I respect informed consent, and knowing the pros and cons to everything.

Thank you to Marie Enna-Cocciolone at Inskin Cosmedics for alerting me to this website - but I’m disappointed in your double standards, hope you enjoyed your actual fines, when my history is still squeaky clean.

The term medically advanced is a common term in the beauty industry, and should not be taken out of context.

A Current Affair states the OHO ordered me to do something, this is incorrect, they apologised for their involvement in a situation. The OHO states they never actually spoke to A Current Affair, and my guess is A Current Affair is much like the sheep in society, gullible enough to believe the wrongdoers who would carry around their own body chalk.

A letter from the Health Ombudsman himself is attached for you to view, their solicitor failed to respond after writing an apology, as I asked him if they would be taking any responsibility for the actions of their rogue staff member (I am a fan of discipline). A senior government official tried to misguide me that the police would be helping us, when I have on record, the Inspector saying we are helping the OHO, they have not requested us to help you. I didn’t get where I am today by being naive and believing the words of senior officials, I knew full well police would not act for my safety based on the words of others.

Letter to Suzannah Dacre 20160818
Download PDF • 119KB

I have never been ordered to do anything, by any official body. I am squeaky clean when it comes to the law. And really, funny story - I come from a law abiding family, law, business, global relations, construction - and what those sad examples of individuals didn’t realise, is the firm they used, was the firm of my mother’s junior solicitor - and well, and the law community is very tight knit, and we knew exactly what was happening - and how feral these individuals are, that even when told by their lawyer NOT TO DO A CURRENT AFFAIR, they had no respect for the law or their authorities, and did it. There’s no point pursuing people like this in the court, they don’t respect the law at all.

In 2015, AHPRA contacted me citing the anonymous contact of one of the shows alleged victims - not so anonymous really as the name was stated, citing concerns that my intelligence and knowledge would confuse people as to my qualifications, and I agreed, asking what is the best thing to do, put a statement on our website saying we are not medical professionals, so those simple individuals in society did not make assumptions. This troll, who caused all this noise, never had any concerns, as described in the numerous complaints, they were just concerned people would be confused because of my knowledge. It was then, we knew how far obsessed with me and my life, they really were.

This website and hate group was reported to Queensland Police in 2015/2016, and the head of the station said to me, as it’s not impacting my business, I have a solid reputation with my clients, there is nothing they can do, despite people stalking my family, other families, and encouraging others to make volume false complaints to all authorities. They told me people can be nasty, jealous, and I just have to rise above - and that is exactly what I did.

Successful, good people - do not go around destroying others. Learn from this - and they usually don’t have the time to get involved in drama online, as they’re too busy being successful, and helping others do the same.

Now to trolls, learn something from your actions, you cannot falsify complaints. There is actually a law against false complaints, and when I asked the inspector why they don’t enforce that law to stop troublemakers clogging our legal systems, they said “we don’t want to deter people from making complaints” - yet it seems they don’t want to apply discipline when the law states to do so either. One of those victim faces on the show, responsible for the website, and hacking the Health Ombudsman’s system, also tried to procure false complaints anonymously, and how we found out, is, well, you can’t provide an anonymous complaint to the health ombudsman - the jokes on you.