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Suzannah Dacre, and A Current Affair (The real story, with facts and evidence available).

Suzannah Dacre and A Current Affair, the real story (AKA what actually happened, not the fake empty noise online people tend to believe)

Empty vessels make the most noise.

In 2016, I was subject to a fake news story, and identity theft, from something that happened in 2014. Two years beforehand - check the facts.

In the online world, a fake website popped up as a personal blog. It was pretending to be me, then fake social profiles, then fake news followed.

It had photos of my deceased mother. It was awful.

It was a life lesson for me, that although people run around saying “don’t believe what you hear, always be kind.” - they certainly seem to believe what they hear.

According to the online world, something was happening.

Meanwhile, in the real world of everyday, it was the opposite story.

I was successfully growing, personally and professionally, whilst also still dealing with the death of my mother, and a partner who had been in ICU and lost a good portion of life, with a toddler by my side - and I had the full support of my colleagues, and my clients.

Those who created the fake story, and tried to play victim, weren’t the victims at all.

They were staff, who had stolen thousands from the business, and had been sacked.

They were tenants, who were evicted for not paying rent, and trashing the properties.

They were bad debtors.

And this wasn’t their first rodeo. They came with a history of trouble.

But we gave plenty of chances to right their wrongs, before sending them to court.

When we say plenty of chances, the online noise went live in 2016, these were staff, tenants and debtors from 2011-2014, at a separate business that saw over 100 enquiries clients per week since 2011, and a handful caused the noise, because they were held to be accountable.

They held a grudge for over two years, and had their tantrum in 2016 - and took the personal attack road, when it was a separate business they were involved in.

Then the comments followed.

I held my tongue, I don’t support the public tearing down of people.

But I have to be clear.

I wish people didn’t believe what they read online, most times, it’s very far from the truth.

If you look at the backgrounds of the people making the noise online. They have a history, of serious mental health concerns, of serious crime. Some of them have actually been to prison, more than once.

I have no history of crime or investigations in the real world.

In fact, I had a letter of apology from the Health Ombudsman himself, apologising for their role in the online chaos.

My only crime is helping people who don’t appreciate it, and I’ve learnt my lesson now.

I’d like to address a few things, in the hope you’ll learn to believe the information that comes with facts.

The term medically advanced was used by the products we distributed through the business - it was not our language, but the language of our product partners - as a common phrase in cosmetics, it should not be taken out of context.

A Current Affair states the OHO ordered me to do something on their twitter, this is incorrect, they apologised for their involvement in a situation. The OHO states they never actually spoke to A Current Affair.

A letter from the Health Ombudsman himself is attached for you to view below.

I have never been ordered to do anything, by any official body. I am squeaky clean when it comes to the law. I don’t drink, and I don’t smoke, and I’ve never done drugs, and I have no tattoos. One could call me boring.

In 2015, AHPRA contacted me, alerting me to the fake website.

This website and hate group was reported to Queensland Police in 2015/2016, and the head of the station said to me, as it’s not in the physical world, they can’t do anything - there is no crime for online harassment. They told me people can be nasty, jealous, and I just have to rise above - and that is exactly what I did.

Successful, good people - do not go around destroying others. Learn from this.

I gave work experience to one individual, who asked if they could live with our family due to family violence at home, to which I replied, with the permission of your guardians, we will happily provide a safe home for you. This individual stole thousands of dollars of products and services from our business, our company laptop, and confidential information, and disappeared into thin air. We had an open communication with their mother before this, and continued to reach out to their mother, and them. directly to resolve it - they failed to respond. I’m more than willing to resolve a problem with respectful and productive communication. Prior to giving this individual a chance, we were warned of their troubled history, and well, we learned the hard way - and the right way, through direct experience.

I don’t believe A Current Affair would have ever happened if I didn’t terminate a staff member due to gross misconduct. This staff member, another troubled youth, has a history of youth crime, and we helped them when no one else would give an opportunity.

In addition to providing a role, they contacted us for help when they feared for their safety in their home because someone was beating down the front door - due to the family’s history and actions in the drug world, of course. We later found out, they were stealing from the business.

We found out their version of events when their father tried to hustle us when we turned up, requesting the return of the items, when we told him what the facts were, he was very disappointed in his own child - “I told her not to do that,” he said.

The irony in this - is that Cairns has a mass problem with youth crime, and yet the police endorsed this individual as an ambassador for no time for youth crime, when they have a very solid history of youth crime, multiple counts.

We found this out in 2019, when they stalked my 6 year old’s community birthday party online. Our family now has a protection order against this individual, and we urge you, if you have been messaged by a troll directly putting our name down, to reach out to us, so that Victoria Police can enforce disciplinary action. This individual is studying to become a nurse, and as police agreed, would society really want a nurse that steals, stalks, and aims to harm children, four years later?

I think theft, break ins and extortion criminal charges should be carried on into adult life, as we have people like this as nurses now, in our system.

They used family cancer as a defence in their stalking case - yet had no issue hurting a widow whose partner died from cancer by blurting their story on national media - they are long term clients of mine, and family friends.

Now to the next individual, I was warned about their stalking behaviour, or ability to fixate, and their prior mental health issues - by a friend of theirs, and also one of their service providers, but I remained judgement free.

Their friend told us “be careful - she’s been admitted to the ward before” and their childcare manager told us the same - they’ve had trouble with her.

They provided an exemplary review on their personal page recommending others, and had no issue putting in writing they’d pay their bill, but never did.

Now to another individual - whose family’s five star reviews are still online, saying “thank you so much for helping, you are incredible” - thank you - you practically built my business via referrals from your experience and results - and your family provided numerous words of love for months - and I was caring enough to forego my awards ceremony to come and look for you when you disappeared and failed to respond, citing you missed your family - and yet, when you failed to pay your bill, you tried to play the victim. I was warned about this individual as well, from their previous employers, but I still chose to help without judgement, and got left with a big loss due to non payment of their family’s accounts.

You can see the mother, and brother's comments below.

To another individual, don’t worry, I kept your secret. That’s my integrity talking, I know you could lose your professional licence if I were to talk, I’m within my full right to based on what you’ve done to me, but I am an integrity driven person - you can sleep well knowing that your secret is safe with me. And that time you told me you’re sick of helping people that don’t pay their bills, and I told you take them to court - funny how you did exactly the same to us, yet we never once failed to pay your bills.

And the other individual, I kept your secret too - I want you to have a happy family, for your kids to grow up bully free, and be a force for positive change, but please check the rules of being religious, as I don’t know a religion that condones your behaviour. Your last message to me was ‘thank you - you are amazing’.

Now to the qualifications space. I owned the business, as a Director. I had therapists working for me.

We completed our Genetic Counsellor course through SkinDNA and InSkin - if there is an issue with ‘genetic counsellor regulation’ - it would be best to speak to the providers of the course, not the participants, as we are led to believe the course and products we pay for, are genuine.

Before you judge me, or a business based on a small amount of bad (probably fake) reviews, look at the many positive reviews, speak to the clients who pay their way - to get a real perspective.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me, or any of my clients who have been with me for all those years (and paid their way), they are happy to chat - even one that I’ve known since 2003, and another since 2006, who know all those self made victims personally, and are very much disappointed in their behaviour.

Letter to Suzannah Dacre 20160818
Download PDF • 119KB

There is quite the list of five star reviews we have archived, of beauty clients who have stayed with us since 2011 to today across a number of our businesses - to see them, you just have to ask. Communication is key to resolve any problem.


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