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Suzannah Dacre's Wednesday. A mutual divorce in business?

My business heart is broken.

The number of times we build a strategy and prototype and test it to succeed, is near 100%. We make it work, and we teach you how to make it work, and support you along the way.

But over the past few days, I’ve hit a mountain which breaks my heart - because whilst I’ve built the business from scratch, to level after level for the client, and the business' clients come to me, because in my role I act as the guardian of all client businesses as a c-suite level consultant - it’s about to collapse.

If I do the business, it works. It’s proven across every industry. Every client that says no, I deliver that strategy to someone else in industry who wants to be successful and they’re now a fabulous success, or I build a business myself, and then onsell it.

Today was my worst nightmare, as I don’t do ultispro to take your industry over, or your business, I do ultis to help you succeed like I do with business - and to prove nothing is impossible. Trust me when I say, it gets pretty boring to enter each industry, build a business to prove it’s viable, have it succeed, and watch the rest of the industry suffer.

After all, I can hide in a cave and trade our investment, which made 17 units profit today - but I like to do good in the world.

But this business has such a profound influence on our vision, and the problem being, the owner doesn’t want to follow my lead, even though there is an entire wait list of people waiting for it - and the strategy has delivered extraordinary results for well over six months now.

I’ve become protective over the business, and the business' clients, even when it’s not mine to be protective of, because the clients deserve the best, and the business works so damn well. The minute I stopped delivering the work this week, the results went down substantially, and I’m just broken, because I know what is next to come - and it’s a tough decision for me to make.

Having been in a very long term relationship that is still plodding along happily, I know, that when two people want something - it will happen. And the same theory applies to partnerships in business.

They’re stuck in “I know what’s best” - and for all I can show you or them as a business owner, or individual, how to make your situation work, and I can do most of it, except your part - it’s heartbreaking to build a brand that the owner doesn’t want to care for, to see it continue.

My predicament now comes, as I’m wholly dedicated to the business' clients to receive the benefit, and I can continue the business model myself, and let my client collapse - as trying to reason with the client to step out of their comfort zone and meet the needs of the market has failed.

It is such a difficult situation to find myself in with clients. It’s one thing to do a strategy and prototype, and have the client say no, to then help someone else in the industry succeed - I can cope with that.

It’s a totally different situation when the the review and strategy part is successfully completed, the engagement has turned into a seven figure dream, the business is live, with me as the lifeline, and now I have to choose between the owner, or the clients - remembering that the owner is my client.

I’m a diagnosed people pleaser.

I want to help my client, but I also want to ensure the best service for their clients.

But a line in the sand must be drawn - and a common sense approach taken - If I’m doing 99% of the business, something has to give.


Today we delivered 17 units profit on our investment, we problem solved and saved a seven figure contract for a client, and that cost them $150 of our time, we had fun with media, and we worked our way through our backlog.

If you're wanting to improve in life or business, please keep in mind that our time is valuable, and whilst we're not free, we are 100% dedicated to your best results - so be prepared to listen, and act upon instruction.


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