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A day in the life of Suzannah Dacre.

+ Wednesday delivered +17units profit on the investment

+ Business delivered extraordinary wins, for big and small business

+ People reached out for help, telling their journeys, and that’s exactly what we are here to do.

+ $42 spend for $420 per week ongoing income, yes please! (Now that’s smart ROI)

Let’s start with yesterday.

My last big win for the day, was an international contract opportunity for a mind fitness client, which just kicked things up a notch - as usual, our review and strategy delivered extraordinarily well, and now our engagement is hitting those goals as expected. In a matter of weeks, that client will go from quiet, to completely overwhelmed with the demand - a change only smart strategy can make happen. That was at 11.30pm last night whilst I was in bed, eating ice-cream, preparing for today’s big events.

Late last night, media also reached out, intrigued about what we do, and our investment - I’ll add that to the list of I’ll come back to you within 24 hours. Earlier that day, media was fascinated by my eyes, not uncommon - I’ve been blessed with these aqua clear eyes people compare to the reef, and find it hard to believe they’re real. That was an awkward few minutes of silence whilst they were just staring.

Earlier yesterday, I posted about my business heart being broken, and I’m yet to decide what to do with that situation, as it means no matter which way I go, someone gets hurt - but we are all about discipline and consequence, and well, here it comes for that client.

Our investment delivered an extraordinary 17 units profit yesterday for our members, and well, if one unit is $10, that's $170, if it's $100, that’s $1700, and if it's $1000, that's $17000 for the day. These profits are used as starting capital for vulnerable people with our service, meaning no longer does any individual have an excuse not to be independent, or sustainable.

On the big business side, yesterday we saved a client from losing a 7 figure contract, and I bet that's the best $150 they've ever spent. Now we'll continue to develop the strategy of that business to help the client cope with the demand - they are positively overwhelmed.

I’m finally today catching up with my big business wait list, which is usually in the means of 6,7,8 figure businesses needed assistance. Meetings all day.

On the small business side, we hit some major goals yesterday with our $42 fee returning an ongoing $400+ weekly opportunity for a client, and our second fee returning a $180 per hour opportunity. This is our time billing fee, and you can see clearly why clients love us for ROI. Now that client has the opportunity to continue on their own with delivery, or engage us to create a strategy and execute it for success.

On the property side, a few more people reached out explaining their situation, and we are looking into how to accommodate everyone’s needs at the current time.

Today - we’re looking to back up the results on our investment, however as I am the strategic mastermind behind the investment, and the analyst and trader, my meetings might put a bump in the results today.

Today also brings big business meetings for clients reaching out, and small business opportunities, all back to back in a world of opportunity for clients.

Our people help is continuing to deliver well, with the properties being prepped, and our investment pool finalising it’s process.


Have a great Thursday.


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