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Post weekend wrapup is here!

Happy Monday ya’ll!

We had a massive week on our investment, with each day hitting double digits, Sunday producing 27 units and Saturday 39 units. We’re hoping to resolve our epic delays and contractual situation this week to make this little beauty go live - remembering daily quota is only 3 units.

A lot of people don’t actually understand our role in business, or in this investment.

We built this prototype for a client, we exist to help people, we build prototypes to prove strategy works, however when the client isn’t cooperating, we can choose to release this on our own.

Change can be difficult for some, it takes a very strong mind to accept that perhaps they are the cause of their business and life problems, and this can take a little time for people, and they can either let it make them, or break them.

We develop strategies, to make things happen, and overcome problems, and we mentor and guide our clients to achieve those goals discovered in our review and strategy phase, or their own goals. We’ll even go as far as hand-in-hand execution of some services to create opportunities, and really make things happen.

Back to the investment, we go through a process called positive divorce, where we can continue work with the client with their goals, but separate the initial strategy into another opportunity for the benefits of the clients and marketplace - that’s where we are at the moment.

Not to worry, current members of this client will be well looked after, we will ensure that. We’re already building the momentum for our giveaways and express challenges etc - we’ve got your back. Clients also call us the guardian / caretaker of their business, for reasons like this.

Moving on, massive wins for business and people, big opportunities presenting themselves, and big problems solved for those who need it most.

We’re often asked ‘can I afford your services?’ - and our response to that is ‘can you afford not to?’ - time vs money vs ROI is an important element in business.

Our “big” fees are predominantly because of time taken for our review and strategy development, whilst our consulting fee is broken down into time, with average sessions with ROI provided costing a client anywhere between $40-$150.


Last week's summary looks a little like this...

Massive results on the investment = priceless.

Client calls for advice on four businesses, our $500 investment resolved 5-figure savings for him, and an initial action plan moving forward for four businesses. The delays are over. $500 cost = big savings in time, money, and big plans moving forward.

Single mum waiting for DHS house - no honey, you're not a charity, time to step up, get a job, and become independent. Cost = $250, ROI = job opportunity, which will end her centrelink life, and a full budget turnaround to come, so that client is living within their means.

Struggling business, now looking at five figure opportunity after one meeting with us, before we commence their review, strategy, and support. Cost to them, $500, ROI, 5-figure opportunity and upwards from there.

Review and Strategy delivered for clients, weekly action meetings scheduled, because the clients need guidance as to how to execute - and that's OK.

Explaining to an established CEO they may have their thought process wrong. CEO's exist to build a vision, and a culture of high performance, once the vision has evolved, their role is to caretake, not only the business, but the team responsible for the vision's success - they aren't your slaves, and without them, your business will collapse. There's been so many times I've advised this, and watched either boom or bust of a vision based on their decided action.

Explaining to individuals, that yes the rental market is tight, but it's concerning they have no record of consistency, which is probably the reason why they're doing it so tough in life. We'll happily rebuild their life, it'll cost them, but we're taking a proactive approach to the current welfare state of this society. This theory goes with business, employment and rentals, you must put your best foot forward.

Urging the growing Australian culture of whingers and moaners to stop talking, and start acting. Situations like DV in Australia aren't being taken seriously because of the female warrior movement, nobody likes drama, well successful people anyway, and unless that 'noise' ends, don't expect people to take DV seriously. Plus figures show, more men have died due to DV this year than women. Take some responsibility for your actions, and you might notice, your life changes for the better.


Remember we are problem solvers, and in the business of best ROI, so we exist for best performance, and that is why our service is accessible to all.

One of our delightful clients, Tegan, has happily put her hand up to be a point of contact for first hand experience. In fact, all our clients are happy to chat, however we feel Tegan is in a very relevant position, having the best of both worlds, to provide perspective.

Tegan, was a single mum, struggling to make ends meet. She went from $45,000 salary, to now looking at $130,000 in a matter of months with us as her people mentor. We resolved her budget and investment dilemmas, but Tegan is also the point of contact for one of our business clients, and can very much explain to you what we do with business, and people, and how, if they follow instruction, they’ll be a success.



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