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The Real Suzannah Dacre.

Having been raised in a global shipping family, with a step-father as a captain, lawyer mother, and construction father with the family business spanning Australia and New Zealand, and being raised in PNG whilst travelling the world homeschooled with a nanny in toe, Suzannah has lived the life many dream of, whilst also helping vulnerable communities.

Whilst other children played, Suzannah’s days were spent at lunches and meetings with political and business influence around the world.

Fast forward to teenage years, due to her worldly experience, school had it’s good and bad experiences, international culture Suzannah fits right in, Australian culture not so much, but Suzannah very quickly completed numerous qualifications whilst at school, then completed two dual major degrees whilst being warned for overloading despite passing all her subjects, and was a business owner as a 14 year old, commencing her career in strategy and business success.

Her professional career has seen extraordinary achievement in government, retail, health, NFP, and construction, whilst her self invested career has seen award recognised performance, with Suzannah’s visions captivating the eyes of local, state and national award nominations for industry and business performance, and their impact, using her talents in business to help vulnerable members of society.

She has entered near every industry with high performing strategy and ROI, including the investment space, taking day trading and performance investment strategy to surpass 3 units per day, and property strategies yielding 14-35% rental ROI, and Suzannah specialises in ROI strategy across business, people and investment - with a vision people call profound and powerful, ULTISpro.

That’s the positive side of Suzannah’s life, the negative, although Suzannah turns nightmares into absolute success stories, is in the space of two years, she was a young mother after a high risk pregnancy with her long term partner, her mother passed from Motor Neuron Disease, her partner was severely injured in a workplace incident never to be the same again, and Suzannah was the subject of obsession by a few bad debtors, who created a false identity of Suzannah through a website, LinkedIn page, Facebook pages (both personal and business) and a fake news story with A Current Affair.

As Suzannah’s long standing clients and staff who knew the debtors say, of course they had to go to the lengths of a completely false identity, because Suzannah is one of the kindest, most giving and understanding humans to walk the earth - with her properties providing homes and a new start to life for the forgotten members of society, with successful outcome for troubled youth, drug addicts, and people doing it really tough in life.

A formal explanation and apology was provided by the state government for their staff involvement in the matter - however Suzannah uses this as a perfect example to show the state of society, with generational behaviour and positive influence.

Before you believe the words of an individual trying to deflect, focus on their actions, and that will tell the true story.

Many call Suzannah the gates to honesty, whilst shes understanding and fair, she is very honest and her candid approach to working with even the most difficult clients sees success others struggle to comprehend.


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