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Don’t let ego get in the way of your success.

As a strategist, I develop strategies to achieve goals, with the added benefit of building a prototype to test for best and worst case scenario - and with this, delivering the expected ROI and goals to be achieved for each individual client.

I then mentor the client to achieve those goals, holding their hand every step of the way, and creating opportunities for them as we progress, to show them, everything is possible. CEO's exist to mentor teams to achieve success. In this case, I'm usually known as the boss' boss, because sometimes they need a little help.

But what I will not do, is spoon feed, or do all the work for you, that is not my role - and be warned, history to date shows for those clients who fail to listen, I beat them at their own game when ego gets in their way. I don’t like doing this, as I exist to serve individuals and businesses who want to achieve goals, however when we create a demand through our strategy phase, the priority now, is the market.


Case Study 1.

A very well known brand of cosmetic clinic, engaged me to completely review their current status in the market, and develop a strategy to achieve their goals - I did exactly that, the complete review and strategy, however because strategists are usually goal and action oriented people, we don’t exist to bubble wrap our advice, we exist to problem solve - and that client failed to heed our advice, leaving the demand the prototype produced, waiting out in the wind. Opportunity only knocks once.

The end result, we used that strategy to build a little pop up treatment room, and based on one day per week, we turned $80,000 in six weeks, and sold the vision for $100,000 a few weeks later - to prove our strategy works. Now that buyer has the opportunity to retain our ongoing services.


Case Study 2.

A large construction company engaged us to review their strategy and position in the marketplace, and we delivered our results based on the prototype, and they failed to listen.

End result - they collapsed, as per advice, and we built a construction company using the strategy that projects eight figures per month. That new owner now has every opportunity to succeed with our services, however if they fail to listen, we’ll redeliver that strategy to another deserving vision with the waitlist of clients.


Case Study 3.

An investment company, we developed the strategy from ground up, delivered it with the protoype, and the client refused to change. End result, is their demise, and our strategy developed into a vision that every individual wants.


We charge for our service because of our results - our retainer is for the work delivered, our % is for the performance levels achieved. Our integrity is important to us, and our role as strategists and mentors, is to support you to achieve goals.

However there comes a time when our line is crossed, and we will continue to work with you to advise of your progression and outlook, we will continue to develop strategies for you, and mentor you to your goals, however we will look to redeliver the original strategy to another business to ensure the clients are well looked after if you are failing to follow direction.

This same impact happens with individuals and our people service. Those who listen become like Tegan*, who was a single mum struggling to make ends meet, we reviewed her budget and life, mentored her after delivering the strategy, and within a matter of a few months, went from $50,000, to $100,000, to now looking at $130,000 salary, and being hot in demand.

Tegan now works for one of our business clients, and Tegan can tell you first hand how our service works, for business and people.


Our time is billed with expected ROI noted. A $500 consultation the other day, saved a client a whole lot of headaches with four businesses, but also a solid plan to move forward, saving costs, and gaining better ROI. We billed $500 for all that opportunity and action, when the ROI for that is priceless, and already has provided a saving of 5-figures.

We deliver the strategy, you pay for this, but action everything yourself. That means a fixed fee for the strategy / advice, and huge ROI through your own action.

We deliver the strategy, you pay for this, and exist to mentor you to ensure you achieve your goals. That means a fixed fee for the strategy / advice, and small time bills to support you, which may mean an $80 - $150 fee to problem solve, or guide you to 6-7 figure ROI.

We deliver the strategy, you pay for this, but we have to assist and guide you to action items. That means a fixed fee for the strategy / advice, and ongoing time bills to not only support and guide you, but create opportunities, and complete works for you. That can still mean a great ROI with us setting up opportunities or creating demand, a $750 fee producing a 6-figure opportunity is still great ROI, however the guarantee of success, really comes down to your action.



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