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Dear Diary, Wednesday's wrap up.

+ 14.8 units on the investment

+ more people helped

+ more business successes

On the daily I’m applauded for our efforts in business and community, for our end goal of helping people through our investment - and well, yesterday shows a true example of why we have so many fans. At the same time, other people don't understand what it is we actually do - so I've reverted back to a daily diary update to keep everyone updated on our achievements.

We are strategy experts, for business, investment and people. Problem solvers. We were called a pyramid scheme recently, and well, that individual should really gain an education into pyramid schemes, and business' before they so blindly make an uneducated comment.

In business, there are coaches and mentors - we shy away from these terms, as we are in strategy, so instead of talk, we do. We do also coach, mentor, guide, and hold hands with business owners and individuals to ensure they achieve the goals outlined in our strategy. So if it's easier for you to think of us as a business coach and mentor - that's fine, just remember we also develop the strategy and provide the execution along with this service. Regular comments from clients suggest there isn't really another vision like ours - and that's pretty special.

In people, we do the same, develop strategies for success, for individuals, what our version of life coaching might be to others, although we cut the fat, provide jobs, plans, investment and advisory to not just talk, but do.

In investment, we develop strategy for better performance, just read about our properties and financial investments, they don't overdeliver on results without smart strategy by yours truly.

And because, success time and time again can get a little boring, we use our fees to recycle into opportunity through our investment, for vulnerable people - putting our vision very much into the community, political and social environment as a proactive alternative to problem solving.

Now, that's not a pyramid scheme, that's business coming together to help people and society. The more people we help, the more people in society get help. It's that simple.

Yesterday brought yet another day of benchmark excellence that is our vision, with the investment delivering 14.8 units, a healthy profit to provide hope to people in need. With our investment, pre-release is coming soon, we’re in the process of finalising logistics surrounding convenience for members on how to use such a service, as it takes effort, but there are opportunities to automate, which we are certainly considering. The team are also trying to automate to take the pressure off little old me, because I complete the analysis and the strategy for the investment, whilst also helping business and people.

Whilst our normal daily quota is 3 units to meet our 1000 units per year, we are well above that for this year to day. We’re also offering the 7 day express growth, turning $100 into a goal point of $4000, with very low risk.

This investment delivers success through discipline.

On the people side, one family took hold of their home far in advance, with some exciting times to come, we’ve provided a property, now we look to our investment and people services to provide sustainable income and employment for the family.

Another call for help for a man soon to be homeless due to his circumstance - a stranger reached out, a connection reached out to us, we reached out to the individual - problem solved 24-hours later. We have a property to provide help, and he’ll be introduced to our vision for investment and personal growth purposes. Welcome to nothing is impossible.

Another man in need is also being fully supported with a resolution to come in the next 24 hours.

These individuals have access to our investment, people and business services, like every other individual, just with the benefit that they were in need of a home and we could provide that for them, to get back on track in life.

We are problem solvers, for business and people, and when there is absolutely no hope left for individuals, we remind them that our investment provides well, and we’ve got a 100% success rate with business and people, if they follow our lead.

But the important part - is you have to act upon opportunity.

We developed a 7 figure strategy and confirmed potentials for a NFP earlier this week, however the relationship goes both ways - and that has halted due to lack of action from the client’s side. This isn’t a negative, when the client is ready, they are welcome to continue - but we will not have our time wasted, and that is why we charge how we do. That opportunity was to provide mass benefit for the community as a whole, along with a number of other support services, but things only work when people work - and well, we politely informed the client of this.

This client was handed a preview of the master strategy, and multi million dollar funding strategy, employment opportunities for the family, and their investment problems resolved, plus access to our fast growth investment over 7 days, designed to turn $100 into $4000 - however fair is fair, and we won’t be taken advantage of, which means the client has to come to the party for us to continue on this journey.

In business yesterday, we delivered interim engagement for a very cool online vision, and are witnessing first hand the ripple effect happening with this vision after yesterday’s meeting - and that is just awesome. Strategy is delivering as per the plan of achieved goals - now to just keep up with the demands of opportunity. We’ll be linking that client with our live progress sheets including billing and ROI, but also their to-do list in conjunction with what we’re doing. Teamwork makes the dream work.

In the startup side of the world, we developed a strategy that we are confident our $5000 fee will pay itself off in less than two weeks should the owner be as proactive as what is needed to deliver to strategy in execution, with us assisting of course.

Some look at $5000 as a large sum of money, but when it’s delivering a product to result in $5000 days in the short term, such a small investment for a successful future.

As usual, our “hotline” was very busy, with problem solving conversations between business and people.

Once our clients are through the initial review and strategy stage, they have our support for ongoing s-suite strategic support, but also engagement if they choose, and this is billed on a per task basis, or fixed project fee. A simple $85 yesterday resulted in an $8000 revenue, and a simple $140 fee yesterday resulted in a six figure opportunity for a client.

That NFP strategy above, a simple $5000 strategy provided a multi million dollar funding opportunity.

Today brings problem solving for a big company, continuing on to report back to our business clients on yesterday’s successes and continuing with those wins.

Big day as usual for the investment, so far so good as planned.

There’s a lot of interest in what we do - and we’re working on our show, in amongst other things to bring more awareness as to nothing is impossible, businesses and people helping themselves, to help others through us, and well - free money, because whilst retail businesses have products for giveaways, we have an investment growing money - and that’s our product ROI for best results in business, people, and investment.

Back to it.

If you're interested in being involved, to gain help, or to support others - as our clients will tell you, they've never experienced anything quite like us. Our fees are outlined on our website, and our initial consultation awaits you.

Happy Thursday.

P.S. It's Valentine's Day here in Australia tomorrow - and whilst we all love the flowers and gifts, I'm a believer that the constant daily effort every day makes a successful relationship over one day of love, any day.


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