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The daily life of Suzannah Dacre. Here comes Thursday.

Whilst every parent is cheering the first day of school for 2020, my stress levels have just hit the roof. I now have a schedule to abide by. You see, our daughter is an extraordinary little one who started coming to work with us at less than a week old, and is one of those kids who is just so easy - and makes every woman clucky - but be warned, as friends have learnt, they're not all like our Bella.

That 100% comes down to leading by example, you see, you can judge a family by the child, and vice versa - and sometimes I feel like driving cars, people need a license to breed.

Thursday started with the chaos of clients, then the school run, and then on top of that, everyday I have to make the decision, business, investment, people, or property?

Which hat am I wearing today?

Today's investment could see up to 12 units of profit - and people love money, and results on the investment.

I spy a property that, with a smart strategy, would meet our criteria for investment, buy mid $400k, rent potential $900+pw, resell value potential to double in 12 months, that property ticks all the boxes, and we have a wait list wanting a new home. Tenants are waiting.

Business, big, and small, are waiting on me.

People, are waiting on me.

I now have a 3:00pm interruption, every weekday, and whilst it's not the end of the world, such a small change requires a whole lot more discipline.

Most people know due to my international schedule, I'm a total nightowl, and there it was, 11.30pm last night, our $250 service saving a client a whole lot of mental stress, and about $20,000 of wasted expenses.

Not to mention a new strategy being developed ($2500) to ensure this never happens again, and that will naturally 10x their business ROI.

Happy Thursday world!

- Suzannah


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