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Monday in review.

Just like any other day, as we don’t have a start or finish day of each week - I was trying to get my body clock back in order this morning to prepare for our investment. But like every other 8am, the clients know it's now the time to call and message, and somehow, when only switching off a few hours ago, I was alert again and ready to respond to their needs.

On the investment side, due to the weather, some of our performance investment meets were abandoned, but we still made it to 2.4 units profit, just short of our 3 unit daily quota, even at 20% function - a positive day.

For those of you who like investments, one unit is 1% of your bankroll, and this is the last few day’s results:

20/1 2.4 units

19/1 8 units

18/1 8 units

17/1 3.9 units

16/1 8 units

15/1 1.5 units

14/1 2.77 units

13/1 8.6 units

12/1 5.4 units

11/1 7.8 units

10/1 10 units

9/1 19 units

8/1 10 units

More on our financial investments and property later.

In the business side, we were asked for our insight on the reason why businesses are struggling, and trust me when I say that takes more than one blog post, so I’ll aim to roll these points out on the regular.

A big win for a a big business client, dropping their costs margin by 40% due to our strategy - that’s a massive win, with 40% more room to make magic happen, and one of our original client to market strategies showing value today when that magical project made contact.

Another big client reaching out for help with their 7 figure client acquisitions.

On the people side, many of our existing clients are reaching out to provide an update, and we see new enquiries as usual in our inbox.

We spoke to one of our long term clients the other day, who mentioned although we’ve been quiet, she knows we’re delivering on her project - and that shows the type of reputation we have.

And for those wondering everyday 'why isn't my business or life working?' - well, we have that answer for you - but you're going to have to reach out for us to tell you.

Happy Monday, wherever you are in the world!


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