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My mother always warned me.

I was a 16-year-old teenager with a crazy business idea, then an 18-year-old looking to buy a cliff’s edge piece of land to build on, and my mother said “don’t tell your father, he will lose it…

Why? Because I was a teenager, who was successful, independent, and kicking goals.

She warned me the world was most like him, the youth are naive, and no better than their elders, but she said, never, ever give up, always be kind, and those who judge you, need the most love and support.

And boy, wasn’t she right. My successes were exactly that, my successes, no matter my age, or anyone’s opinion, but I was achieving things people double and triple my age would have only dreamt of achieving.

Now, fast forward 10 years later, mum is no longer around in physical form, and I’m known as BOSS to a few multi-million dollar companies in male dominant industries, and I’m leading the way for owners double my age, to keep ahead of the game, that is business.

A late project, has really widened my eyes as to the state of humanity, how deep the issues really go, and the greatest gap that many face today, a willingness to listen, and a want to resolve. Imagine being 29, being the lifeline to adults more than double your age, for their families, their businesses, and their livelihoods. Discipline is the key element in this situation.

This project has been going on for months, in fact I met the Directors when engaged with a previous client last year, and I was quickly asked to help. If this were my business, it would have been resolved in a day or two, but not many are like me, and that’s OK, particularly when we’re talking about multi million dollar businesses in a Tier 1 industry, with an international footprint, things seem to get unnecessarily complex.

And today, after many solicitor and accountant meetings failed to come to a resolution over the last few months, little not-so-old me resolved that issue, and we are breathing fresh air again, knowing both parties have had their best interests upheld, and will be moving onto positive futures. That was the most important part of our involvement.

I come from a legal family, and well, I have my thoughts on the state of the law in Australia. Without our help, the alternative was getting very messy, with family’s lives and wellbeing at risk.

Here's my thoughts... Nothing is impossible. Never give up, and always ask for help.

What’s the worst that could happen?

I’ve since been asked to become business partner in the vision, and well, that’s usually how it happens, but the goal of ULTIS is to bring humanity back to the economy. The fees I gain from this success, go into our investment to grow, then fund effort and opportunity for others to get help where they need it most.

The directors invested on day one of our engagement, and never looked back, with their profits providing for them in this time of need.


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