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Our week of amazing.

Ahhh Friday, you beautiful day. Not because we get weekends, but because we love what we do - but it’s a different society on Friday’s in the city - people seem happy, or relieved.

A side note - our darling daughter who was recently selected for her performance ability in grades higher than her age, announced she no longer wanted to do ballet (Where’s the wine?!). That’s how quickly life can change - and we’re all about passion, so ballet is no longer. This may seem irrelevant to some, but when a six year old is picked out of a group of 16 8-year-olds for solo performance with an international tour, she’s at her A-Game, but she also has the world at her feet, and can choose what she wants to do. And that is exactly what we do for people and business, build them up, so they have the freedom to choose what to do in life.

Yesterday we were called fascinating yet again by a long term follower, because they finally realised what we do and how our clients are so successful, if and when they follow our lead.

We had a massive success after months of headbanging, with a client who failed to act in simple form, no matter how many times we repeated ‘follow the strategy’ - they still didn’t, and came unstuck, time, time, and time again. We don’t shy away from a challenge, and will go through hell and back to show people what is possible - and finally, it happened.

You see, we aren’t mentors or coaches, we build prototypes, test them, again, again, and again, then create the perfect nightmare to bombproof the vision, and confirm it’s viability - then we deliver the strategy to you - so the only reason it won’t work - is because of you, and that’s OK, because we offer ongoing engagement to manage execution of the strategy, with a full in house team of experts that work to our ULTIS standard of results.

That’s business, investment and property.

That’s why financial planners come to us for help, or why accountants come to us for strategic help with company financial positions, and end up saving that company 30% on margin, which the accountant couldn’t do themselves for that client.

But finally, something changed, and they followed the strategy, and there you have it - IT WORKED!

Not only the massive simple success of that, but the opportunity he called me crazy or insane about a few months ago, saying it was not possible, came knocking yesterday - to the equivalent of $5 million per month for his vision.

This is not the time to become complacent, because of that ongoing order - that’s just the starting point my friend, now let go of that negative history - and kick forward. The world is your oyster.

We are strategic experts for best ROI - and that is why many big and small visions are changing their services to us, because even our accountants over deliver working with us.

Of course, he’s requested I manage all elements of that deal to make it happen, and that’s fine, because our fee from services goes straight into our investment, grows, and funds new opportunities for people really struggling in life.

And talking about people, we’ve had a lot of enquiries from individuals about resume writing - and yes we do our standard of that, hence our high success rate. We present you to market, and source the opportunities that best suit you, and if it doesn’t exist, we create it, not forgetting our fees and successes with clients get re-invested to grow, to provide new opportunities for people.

Yesterday also encountered many calls for help, ranging from legal matters, to business, investment, workcover, and family, and whilst the lawyers to their thing - people need help with the strategy, how to continue, or handle it, and well, that’s what we are here for.

The testing continues to develop our growing investment strategy. We investigated expanding our property portfolio to provide more homes for people in need - again, only if they want to change their lives.

Oohhh, and having been the victim of clickbait, and fake news, like most successful people to date - we’re squealing with excitement for one of our clients to overcome this, not just providing honest news that matters, but also the proactive resolutions to the world’s problems.

Oh - and so far a 100% success rate with trolls. My mother taught me to love my haters, they need it the most - and that’s exactly what we do, to understand the miserable, and help them get better at life.

A massive week of successes as usual. Happy weekend!


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