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Review & Strategy - Sporting Membership.

We worked with a sporting membership fan club who had lots of interest, but lots of trouble, and wasn’t making any money, despite spending 4 figures per week on Facebook advertising, and every other option.

They thought this was normal - until they met us.

We conducted our review, developed the prototype, tested it, and delivered our strategy, and suddenly, due to proactive implementation, the business saw immediate high performing results, from 2 conversions a day, to well over 100 enquiries a day, with near perfect initial conversion and 80% retention rate - plus long term loyalty, and an ever expanding fan club based on this strategy.

It took a few weeks to go from struggle, $400 per week, to success with this proactive client.

A $5000 investment from their side, and with their proactive approach, that was paid off in one day of action and ROI, with the client offering partnership to our vision, however due to our workload, we had to decline.

The client's comment "ULTIS knows their stuff. Positively overwhelming."





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