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Our week in review has arrived, and it's epic.

Recently we handed over the strategy of our investment to a client, and that’s gaining momentum. Whilst our experience continues to deliver doubit digits daily, we must acknowledge and be OK with knowing not everyone works at the same pace as us, and we are mentoring this client to reach quota, which will take some time, nonetheless, their clients are noticing the improvement, which is great.

Why our service is so popular, is probably because we go against the grain, and are very positively disruptive, and in this case, we do, before we talk.

Remember the key words, review, strategy, mentor, problemsolve, engage. That’s ultis, for business, and people.

We heard from quite a few enquiries last week that they have a coach, but are struggling to make ends meet, and that is a scary situation to be in - and here is how we are different.

We aren’t coaches or mentors, we are strategists, who go as far as building a prototype to test to succeed and fail, before presenting the strategy to you to execute, then we’ll mentor you to achieve the goals outlined, or achieve your goals - whichever you prefer.

And what we’re notorious for, is success before preparation, because of what our review and strategy phases discover during that period.

Three examples last week:

  1. A HR company, we haven’t even made it to file creation as yet, and have a 50 client waitlist for them based on one of our clients, also regional team for them, based on our clients, so this startup of a new client has gone to national vision strategy in a matter of days, with a waitlist.

  2. A cleaning company, we haven’t even made it to file creation as yet, and have delivered a 5-figure contract opportunity for them, to prove our value.

  3. An entertainment vision, hasn’t even signed yet, and we’ve scored with producers ahead of schedule.

Again - just a reminder, we are strategists, these are the results our prototypes produce during the initial review and strategy phase. We also realised something recently, speaking with long term clients, to date, all our strategies have delivered - and that is epic.

On the people side, we’ve provided every new client a job opportunity this week with our clients, and that’s amazing.

We’ve also helped three homeless families, a lady living with disability, and an every day human who the world has judged, into homes of ours, and all into job opportunities to get back on track in life. We are not a charity, and there is no benefit in being spoon fed, so these clients know well, they will be paying for our service. But our fees from service, and our investment, provide the starting opportunity.

We’ve had discussions with the strugglers of society, who want a raise to the Newstart allowance, and I respectfully say I don’t believe in Centrelink, or the current system, because I have seen how, a guess, of 50% of recipients, are living a life of luxury on it, whilst not contributing, and actually having a negative impact on society.

By smartening up the current cycle, those demanding a raise of government support, will be much better off. I support those genuinely doing it tough, but it’s the ever growing list of the ‘bad eggs’ ruining it for everyone in need. Luckily - as our clients say, we're extremely fair - so that last tenant who nearly burned our house to the ground, on Centrelink, won't tarnish the opportunity for another deserving Centrelink person who wants to do good in the world.

This brings me to something more personal, etiquette, I was certainly raised with it, in a professional business family, but when businesses say ‘I’ll call you on Monday’ - and I know their words mean nothing, I’m one to speak up, not to degrade, but to educate them on how this impacts their image - and that is how our undercover review service is of great value to businesses. Your nightmare customers are usually your biggest lesson to learn from.

We had a business recently want to employ a client of ours, and when they said they’ll call on X date, and didn’t - well, we empower our clients to be of high standard and value, and to expect nothing less. That employer wondered why the interviewee said thanks, but no thanks, and we responded politely, employers need to lead by example to get the best out of their team.

We don’t expect people to be perfect, for example, our automated system crashed last week, therefore we had no access to emails etc, but we were very quick to raise our hand and say we’re offline due to technical headaches.

Society has lost perspective on how to have genuine conversation, and respectfully agree to disagree, we’ve devolved into ghosting being the normal method, and well, that wasn’t how I was raised.

A client’s employee this last week, told me their boss was scared of me, and for good reason. You see, I won’t tolerate bad or toxic behaviour, and that client has done exactly that to their customers, and they know that I won’t let that slide. I won’t degrade the client either, but I will direct them to right their wrongs, or be prepared for the consequences. Now that is up to them.

A recent review saw a business saying they were struggling,yet they said they do everything well etc, and our review process completely squashed that perspective, and delivered some honest, proactive strategic insight, that provides the owner with an opportunity to change for the better. You see, spending a fortune on social media won’t return solid ROI, nor will a website. ROI comes down to strategy. The clients, but also the web developers, and social media managers need to be aware of this. Everyone needs a strategist in their corner.

As a society, I feel like we’ve lost perspective entirely. We’ve got admins of groups with rules that say no bullying or toxic behaviour, yet they’re doing exactly that, and I’ve been banned from quite a few by following the rules, being adult, and bringing this perspective up - to have an adult conversation about it.

But here poses the problem, all the issues in society aren’t going to be fixed, if individuals keep whining that they’re bad, but their actions support the bad behaviour.

It’s OK to be perfectly imperfect, in fact I respect raw, honest, mistake making people so much more than what I respect pretentious, usually toxic individuals. I have a client, who society would deem the worst in society, whose parents don’t know how I did it, but he respects me, and every time he feels attracted to the drug life, he calls me, for perspective, to get back on track. He was a troubled youth, now fulltime supervisor, with a big future ahead of him.

And this brings me to the ‘it takes a village’ community theory of getting involved. Money doesn’t fix anything, behavioural change does - and I’ll always get involved to actively resolve things.

This week was a week of wins, you see, we’ve come unstuck helping vulnerable toxic people quite a few times, as they’ll go way out of their way to create a false reality to cover their tracks, and we treat that as a blessing to test the actual strength of society to choose the path that spells integrity. Only the brave who leave their victimhood at the door, are welcome in our service, because we have no time for draining the life out of life.

I love my trolls, they give me perspective, but also make me realise how sad of a state society is really in, that they don’t realise their behaviour is an ambassador for bullying, depression and suicide. I had to tell a client today, whose friend is a passionate troll of mine, that whilst I’ll never tell her to defriend her, as a friend she’s meant to be a support, and that individual’s behaviour is showing through action - that indeed she is not a nice individual, and it’s up to the friend to take the high ground and get involved, or I wlll, and she may not appreciate what I have to say, but nonetheless, I will always be fair, and honest, with best intentions at heart. In this case, that client has seen the ugly side of society, and is indeed a past victim, as are their kids - and I said to her - this situation condones that behaviour, that you’re claiming to be a victim of, by you choosing to not get involved, you’re supporting that behaviour - and well, she agreed, and decided to take action.

The week was a wow week, and examples of society have proven themselves well.

One of the troubled tenants we’ve helped, we’ve spoken with their boss, it takes a village, and community to rectify social issues, between us, and their boss, we’ll keep them on track and into the positive.

Another historic debtor who was involved in a toxic mess, yet we always let them know we exist to help them, has come forward two years later, to right their wrongs, because they’re getting a divorce, and I responded, maybe that’s a blessing in disguise, based on history.

Another client, had two options, turn toxic, or do the right thing - you see their friends circle are the ‘cut and run, take no responsibility - blame everyone else’ type of people, but since being with us, this client has seen the light, and wants to do right, so we’re helping them right their wrongs, and that happened last week, so they can now breathe easy, and have totally turned their life around, and reinvented themselves.

That is the magic of ultis. Complex, yet simple.

We help businesses, to help people, to help the world. Like in all the examples above, our theory has delivered well.

We also have the raw conversations that society seems to hide from, with a proactive mannerism. Money won’t fix anything, behavioural change, and action will.

As for my clients - it’s been quiet online due to a mass technical error which we’re trying to resolve, however, as always, we are delivering behind the scenes to ensure your success.


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