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This week so far.

The last few days have been a bit of a blur.

Between having the flu, and doing a million things at once, yesterday I spent the entire day in bed, and it looks the same today. But despite being bedridden, after some epic meetings on Monday, epic results for clients were still delivered yesterday, along with the investment.

Yesterday, across business, people, and investment, the topic of “us vs them” came up time and time again, and not because we were selling our vision, but because we are constantly approached by people and businesses struggling, and they’ve come because of our results. Maybe they’re not struggling, they just want to work smarter not harder, or maybe they just need a little bit of support to make that jump, or a sidekick in a new goal.

The perfect “us vs them”

In business,

We are more so strategy experts, but clients also refer to us as a coach and mentor. We’ve done all industries, business, NFP, government, construction, beauty, health, law, media, corporate - and shown our value in each sector with industry defying results. But our next challenge is changing the world, and that is why we share our brains in strategy and success, to use those funds to provide action and opportunity to change the world.

The “us” in one situation, means that quick phone call the client was charged for, resulted in 10-20x the ROI through her actions upon our advice. That same client we attended a meeting for and walked out with 6 figures of opportunity for her. Now we’ll detail that in our live progress, and give her the opportunity to action it, or we can, for her.

The “us” in another business situation, means we partner with a vision to hit 7-8 figure goals providing c-suite advice and action, so more people have jobs, and more help is provided through our vision for people in need.

The “them” in these two situations for these two clients meant no results with other coaches, and a lot of fees for little benefit.

In investment,

The difference between the “us” in strategy meant the 6+ figure unit profit today, versus the “them” result of other industry experts on average seeing a -3 unit loss, and calling it a tough day. That’s the ultis impact for success. Smart strategy.

In people,

The difference between the “us” for people who are struggling in society, is we turn their lives around in jobs, business and investment, and housing in a day or two, whilst the “them” takes weeks, months, years, and sometimes still no result.

The only difference between success and struggle is you. We provide the opportunity, you have to act upon it, and we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Having proven time and time again there is no difference between the rich and the poor except for opportunity and action, we’ve resolved that dilemma with our vision, and we don’t say no to a challenge.

We want every person and every business to reach out in a time of need, or when they are ready to improve, because we prove nothing is impossible.


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