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Turning lemons into gold plated lemonade...Weekend Vibes of achievement...

It is a great day to be alive. The sun is shining in Melbourne, our investment is performing well, and last night, the greatest lemons to lemonade strategy was created, to resolve my business heartbreak with a client.

On a personal note, it’s hubby’s birthday today, and for the first time ever, I forgot, being too caught up in everything business, people and investment, but the funniest part being I confused his gift with Pokemon, and he says that's the reason for divorce in many men’s eyes, women confusing Dragon Ball Z with Pokemon, oh well. He isn’t with me for housewife material, and I certainly wasn’t a kid with cartoons either.

Now back to real heartbreak, that business divorce situation is now gold plated lemonade if we use the turn lemons to lemonade quote.

Our priority is and will always be our clients, but when they are not performing to their client’s needs, or our needs to achieve the goals we were engaged to achieve for them, we review the situation quite critically, because we are strategists who deliver extraordinary business results. Let’s just say, that situation has been resolved with the best result it could ever have asked for, with an ultis takeover in process, and as the grand old saying goes, if you can’t beat them, join them. It’s a win win for everyone involved, with the Director having every opportunity to capitalise on this opportunity, however if our client does not agree, at least their clients will still be cared for.

Now to people...

We’ve reviewed the stories of many people in need, of which we’re reviewing our properties to see how we can help, and already yesterday, some may have seen my quick update of homeless, to now with a home, two jobs, an investment and a business, all in one meeting. Now that's the ROI we offer to our people clients, and one very unsuspecting family is now all smiles.

Back to business...

On the business side, yesterday yet another big business reached out for assistance, as even the Directors and CEO’s need a little help and support, and we obliged, and that journey begins Monday.

Another big jaw-dropping vision in the startup/small business space has commenced today for a deserving individual, resolving problems for society.

A rather large NFP has reached out for support, and of course we'll help.

We are reading inboxes of individuals telling us of their worst moments in business and life, and we’re working on something pretty epic next week, an open forum to put an end to toxic individuals, and give a voice to those imperfect individuals that are trying their best to make the world a better place.

Did I forget to mention an epic day so far on the investment?

I hope this weekend serves you well.



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