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We created our worst nightmare - to prepare and prevent it in real life. There went Thursday!

It is 9:3-pm, and I’m just out of one meeting, and into another, and today - was a self created, intentional nightmare. We put our performance investment up to the challenge, of the perfect nightmare, and we still survived with an 11% net profit on capital today with Tier 3 strategy. That’s our performance investment, with me in charge, whilst our analysts are pulling their hair out - being forced to analyse based on instinct, without criteria. But hey, they survived, with great result.

This proves yet again, nothing is impossible - with the right strategy.

Our financial investment that day trades, on good days, averages 6% net profit on capital, with 3% risk, but on bad days (and there’s a lot of them) - that profit can be gone in a split moment. And that is why our financial traders rely on our performance investment for backup. In fact, plenty of financial advisors make the change to us. We trade all types of investment, to lead by example, and advise for the best result based on our experience creating the strategies behind these analyst’s performance.

11% on the perfect nightmare for Tier 3 customs, great result.

Tier 1 members enjoyed 3% on capital today as well, great result.

We reviewed some properties for clients, and advised on strategy - out with the predated 3-5% net rental yield, incoming with near double that to start with.

Now onto the business side of our vision - what happens when people don’t follow our strategy? It goes wrong - like today - a million dollar contract lost for a client, gone, because of complacency, and there’s only one word of advice - life does not wait for you - do not get complacent. Don’t forget we’ve built a prototype to test our strategy - we know what works.

We introduced one of our newer startups to a very big business lead for ongoing work in their desired field (you can thank us later) - and we came up with an extraordinary new concept of how to bring community back to real estate. Yes, we are pretty awesome.

We spoke with a soul needing help with crisis management - and trolls. Gah, those miserable faceless souls behind a keyboard. Well, here’s the thing, I’ve been clickbait before - with fake news, and we turned lemons into lemonade, and made it an opportunity to excel - girl, you’ve found the A-Team to handle this nightmare of yours. Did I mention I’ve got a 100% strike rate with turning my haters into my supporters when I’m approached? Yes, you read right. My mother taught me my haters need the most love - and it’s true.

We started replying back to all you patient souls - and tomorrow we’re committing our afternoon to do exactly that in between existing meetings (yay!). A lot of intrigued enquiries over the past 24-hours - yes, what we do is pretty extraordinary, and special.

But our vision is a two way street - we give, and you need to return the favour by paying it forward, proactive.

We read a lot of “I need help with my instagram and facebook” - no darling, we have limited followers, but MASSIVE ROI in comparison to your 10,000 followers - and that’s what is important, ROI. If your business isn’t working, it’s because of engagement and strategy.

Oh, and that Centrelink tenant of ours - yay, we’re back on track, and she is weeks away from kissing goodbye to the never ending cycle that is Centrelink, and saying HELLO to self employed freedom with a long list of clients awaiting her.

Friday - Fri YAY is just around the corner! Not because we don’t get weekends, but because people in the street usually smile on a Friday - and it’s the little things that matter!

Sleep well - beautiful people.


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