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Weekend wrap-up of business, people and investment...

+ 20 units on the investment

+ plenty of new jobs provided

+ plenty of buzz in the business world

+ media and community

Whilst I was on my press tour in the USA last year, a very well known media producer referred to me as the ‘money woman’, fascinated in my knowledge of investment, business and markets, and fascinated that I was a female leading the way, but also one who could break it down and make it easily understood and accessible for all walks of life.

That comes down to strategy. I’ve had financial advisors approach me for help with their investments, and people reach out from all walks of life, no investment, to fully fledged professional currency traders around the world.

That producer recently reached out again, chewing at the bit to get started.

Whilst I’m only one individual, trying to help a lot of people achieve their goals in business, life and investment, I’m also an investor and analyst, a strategist, a business owner of multiple visions, and a mother - which comes with its challenges.

The good news being, we are getting started on the media side of things, not just about money, but about social impact, and proactive resolutions to society’s issues, because clearly, throwing money at it isn’t working.

This is what the past two days of my achievements looked like…

In investment...

Both days delivered over 8 units profit of the investment, more likely a total closer to around 20 units over the two days. The investment is being redeveloped on a tech level to provide a bit of time relief for myself, but also convenience for members.

Our entry level will be evolving to upto 250 units per year, which also includes an express option boosting a short term strategy to 40 units per week, with minimal risk.

40 units could be the equivalent of $100 risk turning into $4000 profit, whilst the normal strategy aims to deliver 250 units per year with low risk.

Tier 2 adds 50/50 of the full-time trading schedule, think of it like a semi-pro level, contributing an extra 250 units per year as a goal point.

Tier 3 is the full fledged trading schedule, with a goal of 1000 units per year, however 2020 is well over the 3 units per day. The further tiers will evolve once Tier 3 matures.

The best thing about the investment to us, isn’t the money, it’s the discipline. The only difference between success and unsuccessful, is the sheer fact people like myself celebrate our mishaps, and turn lemons into gold plated lemonade. The investment is such a low risk strategy, however it accustoms people to the theory ‘never give up’, the highs and lows are very much a part of the success journey.

And in our rules of discipline and integrity - we’ll know if you’ve followed the rules with our investment, as we trade it to provide our income, but also community capital to help people in need.

In business…

We nutted out our talk show talking about the state of play in society today, with proactive resolution. The hybrid model, and along with that, a very powerful community is to follow based on the ultis pay-it-forward vision. Keep an eye out, as it will form an alternative to the current means of society today, whilst providing large opportunities for people and business to grow - and yes of course, being in investment, our product is money - so there will be free money.

I completed a strategic turnaround with multi million dollar planned success for a very large vision not-for-profit, again, like many, the founder and CEO seem overwhelmed, and that’s OK - now it’s time to move forward. This review for turnaround will provide endless collaborative opportunity for my business clients around Australia, and for that reason, I look forward to working with the brand for the benefit of everyoone.

A bustling small business in the community is kicking off this week, I’m comfortably suspecting $5k-$10k weeks for this small startup, and the family in need.

Another startup is gearing up, this time, if the strategy is delivered well, a very comfortable 7-8 figure first year will prove itself, and this is an ultis partnered startup that will contribute to our pay-it-forward funding goals.

In People…

Two Queensland senior management individuals now looking at big growth goals, in their careers, and investment - we have sourced two opportunities for them that meet our strategic goals for these individuals to absolutely flourish. They are already very keen for our investment, along with also discussing property.

I had a few individuals reach out regarding their experience with trolls and toxic individuals. Having had my fair share of trolls, I’m here to help them see that without a doubt, your trolls are also your fans and can positively contribute to your growth goals (trolls, be warned - you’re contributing to our success).

Two more jobs for mid-tier professionals in regional Queensland, and that homeless family I mentioned over the weekend, begin this week - plus an additional two after-hours positions to boost the bank account. This family will benefit off our investment and property service.

One job plus one contract opportunity in New South Wales for a bright little professional in New South Wales, in absolute dream roles that will benefit her goals. She’s already a fan of our investment.

Another job delivering for an individual in Victoria wanting a career change.

A very senior niche role opportunity delivering for a Tier 1 c-suite professional who is looking for balance in life.

Some individuals in Western Australia and South Australia reaching out about people, business and investment.

Due to the sheer volume of work I complete, we’re now evolving to live billing for our services, to better manage our time. Our service is completely affordable, with the ROI being listed in the billing section, and well, just based on our case studies - I feel we could be considered risk free between our investment providing for business and people, and our sheer volume of results.

That being said, we are here to guide you on strategy and engagement, we develop strategy and execute what we can across c-suite, which means we will do as much as we can, plus support and guide you with your goals, but the real delivery of service to hit those goals - is up to you.

It’s such a profound feeling to build a business vision, test it, succeed, and hand it over to redevelop for a client and see it struggle - I’m 99% convinced this comes down to attitude. Enjoy your mistakes, live without fear of doing - if it’s one thing my vulnerable clients have told me, that’s what was the hardest thing to change - as they’ve never met an individual who is OK with them being honest about their mistakes to better themselves.

As mentioned to a client last week, I’m either your best friend, or worst nightmare in business - as I build your prototype as it it were my own, to hand the strategy over to you knowing it works, but if you’re not committed to the success developed, there is nothing stopping me becoming your successful competitor, to prove a point, or help another deserving business - as proven in multiple industries time and time again, to date, and more recently in the business client takeover to better service their clients.

Now let’s just say on the best friends side of the relationship.

Have a great week!

- Suzannah


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