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Weekend wrap-up (post Valentines)

+ 47 units on the investment

+ more people helped

+ more businesses helped

With a massive week last week full of meetings for clients, the usual client files, for both people and business, and the investment delivering double figure growth on almost all days this past week, it was a client on Thursday who reminded me that a lot of people rely on me for business, help and investment, that I need to start looking after myself.

And didn’t karma follow after that. Friday started very a very ordinary flu feeling, then the weekend with a sore throat, but results still delivered, with 20 units on Saturday, and an astounding 27 units today. I’ve haven’t left the house all weekend, and I am keeping the germs to myself.

Another client mentioned to me that there is so much more satisfaction in helping one achieve goals, then delivering the goals achieved on a platter - and that is very true, and that is why our live invoicing and progress charts have ROI with actions required by our clients, because there’s been too many examples of our results lately meeting expectations, but the client failing to deliver. It’s one thing to need help to achieve things, it's another thing when ego gets in the way of success, causing a business to fail. We have yet another eight figure vision looking for a takeover, this time for the benefit of staff and clients, because no matter how hard we try, the owner just doesn’t act on our advice, and comes unstuck due to this on a daily basis. The line in the sand has been crossed, and it’s time for this fabulous booming vision to be moved on to a new, deserving owner. A meeting last week had the client asking me to take Directorship on, and I politely declined, because I’m here to help business and people, I know I can make businesses work, hence why I help people do it.

Our recovered systems should be online over the next couple of days, so clients can see exactly what we’ve been upto with their projects, and we can keep moving forward towards ongoing success, and in more excitement, we’re going viral.

Over the next couple of days we’re finalising our show with political journalist Deb Russell Groarke, The State of Play, to discuss society with proactive resolutions, help people and businesses, deliver hope, and really achieve some big goals for the community as a whole.

I was speaking with a tenant the other day who is more than four figures behind in rent, and advised them they would be used as an example of the weaknesses in the current welfare cycle if they do not right their wrongs with us. A timely reminder that adults are meant to lead by example for their children, and that is exactly what I said to them. Without this, we have generational problems existing, and it’s time to change that, with discipline, and consequence.

In more positive news, our $100 to $4000 challenge is delivering well so far over the past few weeks, and that’s just an example of the coming results with our investment.


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