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You screwed up, now what?!

"You f#cked up. And that’s ok. You're sorry - now move on."

Here at #ultispro, we celebrate our failures, because they are the foundations of success, lessons learnt. And our investment proves exactly that - 10% loss on Saturday (Yaaassss!) - that’s the challenge to prove what discipline our members have, because on Sunday, and Monday - we’re back on our way to the top (Winners never quit, and quitters never win).

Now we know, because our clients tell us - that there's not a lot of people around like us - raw and fresh - but we're here to help.

To the members who whinge - have a good hard look at your attitude. Because the negativity impacts your headspace more than anyone around you.

Let’s be real, kids are taught when they’ve made a mistake, they apologise, correct it - and never do it again. And really, it’s that simple. We don’t hang guilt over a child’s head for their one bad action, and we should be leading by example, or please don’t reproduce.

We recently had to explain to a senior client of mine that they are a parent - and possibly the very reason their child feels a clinic is more beneficial than living at home at the current time, due to the parent’s attitude towards of life.

And yes, we're used for conflict resolution, and have a unique way of ripping that band-aid off, instilling discipline, but still getting the best resolution for all. And so far - even the toughest of characters have been balanced by our founder, even if that means some raised voices - we don't give up (and it's quite entertaining to witness).

And more times than none, it's more effective for a proactive resolution than solicitors, because common sense and communication goes a long way.

No matter what happens - move forward, learn from your mistakes, get back up, and keep going.

Life is not over.

We’ve worked with criminal history, disability, the rich and famous, and the big egos, and here’s the thing - we are all human. Ego gets you nowhere.


Have you got a problem, that you want resolved? Let's chat.

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