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Tuesday... Yes, we are epic.

The attached comment from a troll who recently changed their tune inspired us to write ahead of our weekly review. Yes, we have been told to be the government before, not just in Australia, but overseas as well, but we consider ULTISpro the proactive alternative, and this is why.

If you read a post back, about my ‘Dear White Trash’ - that family was homeless, on centrelink, and chose to spend their money on flash cars and luxuries before paying their rent or bills. We gave them two chances to pay their debt, we even organised jobs for them, and built a business for the mother - which confirmed $3000 per week for her new life - but there came our rule of discipline - we won’t be used or abused. So that business went on hold until she paid her dues.

Today they got their notice, to leave, or be removed. Whilst we take no pride in making a family homeless for Christmas, we believe in karma, and discipline. They are now being reported for Centrelink Fraud (we hope the government listens), and blacklisted - and the only way to fix this, is for them to cooperate with us - and they have every opportunity to do so.

You see, we buy houses to help rebuild the lives of those in need - but they have to want it.

Now that property is available to another family or individual needing help. They won’t get handouts, they have to be responsible for themselves, but we will help them totally rebuild their life in return for doing good.

In yet another epic moment, a new client of ours went from 35% profit margin to 55% today, and a whole lot more work flowing in - thanks to us.

Our magic making ability on our investment, means Tier 3 now sees on average 15-20% on capital per day - and that is epic news pre-launch!

So that magic making combination of success with business, people and investment means more capital for more opportunity for individuals who need it most.

We received many messages of gratitude - that’s what we are here for, to resolve problems, and help, business, and people.

Did we mention our 100% success rate with trolls? We turn lemons into lemonade.

And our design crew getting some love today with “The website is top shelf and more, Im humbled” - yes, all of our experts work to our ULTIS standard, when means businesses receive the best result, and our fees go towards doing good - and that’s just pretty special.

And our accounting team receiving some love today with a big client, and saving them a whopping $65,000 in cost savings.


Happy Tuesday ya’ll!


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